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Regenerative Medicine Workshops


The American Academy of Procedural Medicine offers a variety of Regenerative Medicine courses, workshops, and seminars that compliment the other courses of AAOPM that can be integrated into your medical practice.  Regenerative Medicine, also known as Integrated Medicine, compliments conventional medicine to give patients better clinical outcomes for many chronic conditions and secondary medical conditions.  These modalities in combination with conventional medicine create a higher quality of care and gives patients options to help manage their health conditions including preventative health initiatives and combination therapies to eliminate or control their health issues.

Our Regenerative and Integrated Medicine courses are designed to give physicians options for patients, the focus being on developing therapeutic protocols to compliment conventional medicine and give providers the framework to incorporate into their practice after the programs.  The AAOPM provides continuing medical education (CME) credits in association with our educational seminars as well as the latest standard of care and comprehensive protocols for patients to obtain the most effective treatments. 

As with all of the certification procedural training AAOPM offers there is a symmetry of services that patients demand and are indicated for. The following courses are offered in the category of Regenerative Medicine but for many physicians this opens opportunities for other course studies that patients present themselves with:

    • Anti-Aging (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies)
    • Hormone Pellet Training
    • Physician Supervised Medical Weight Loss Training
    • Medical Hair Loss Restoration Therapies
    • Platelet Rich Plasma Training
    • Breakthroughs in Sexual Dysfunction Therapies
    • Allergy Training & Testing – Food & Environmental

These cash-basis services (not typically covered by insurance) for patients also allows for patients to experience new revenue streams within their practice in addition to better serving their patient needs.  The AAOPM utilizes “hands-on” training when applicable as well as a library of ancillary materials for each program as part of your access to the physician portal.  Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with each of the educational trainings and the tools necessary for your success in association with these new services.

The physician instructors utilized by the American Academy of Procedural Medicine (AAOPM) are all board certified and performing these procedures within their own successful private practices.  Our faculty has completed numerous advanced trainings in each of the topics and are experts in the area of Regenerative Medicine.  Their experience in the various areas of Regenerative Medicine allow for a better understanding of how to safely administer these procedures utilizing the latest standards of care.

See for yourself what makes AAOPM different from the competition, single course seminars are available as well as membership options that allow for full access to the courses of AAOPM for (2) years.  Aesthetic, Regenerative, and Medical courses are offered in the Premium Membership Package and full access to all of the programs of the AAOPM is available through our 360 Membership Package.  Advanced Preceptorship Training options are also offered on any of the topics the AAOPM offers. Over (400) classes in (16) workshop venues are conducted each year throughout the United States for our members to utilize fully the training we offer.





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