Physician Trainers and Specialists

Our PHYSICIAN TRAINERS AND SPECIALISTS are highly credentialed in Aesthetics, Anti Aging, Medicine, Pain Management, and Surgery. The AAOPM has worked with these instructors for many years and we are happy with the positive feedback we continue to receive from our graduates. Here are a few of our trainers, they are not our only instructors, please visit the faculty page for a more complete list along with more information on our instructor’s credentials.

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AAOPM Faculty

Eneida Agosto, MD
Karen Albright, MD
Susan Alderson
Dulce Almanzar, MD
Angela Antipin, MD
Rochelle L. Asirot, MD
Carrie Ayers, DO
Robert Bader, MD
Glenn Barnes, MD
Susan Benesh, MS, AGNP-C
Nivedita Bijoor, MD
Dean Bloch, MD
Judson Brandeis, MD
Tedd Brandon, Anatomist
Khym B. Zarzuela, DO
Pompeyo Chavez
Christine Ciullo, MD
Tokzhan Clay, MD
William Croley, MD
Judith Crowell, MD
Michael Cutler, MD
Chad Dahabra, MD
Raphael Darvish, MD
Patrick Davis, MD
Chris DiOrio, DO
Elhan Fakhre, MD
Allen Fouland, MD
Jeff Geller, MD
Gisele Girault, MD
Jodi Gold, DPM
Elie Adam Goldenberg, MD
Julia Gombar, MD
Betsy Greenleaf, DO
Robert Groysman, MD
Azza Halim, MD
Heather Halim, FNP
Lindsay Hatley, MD
Elhan Jafari
Ramtin Kassir, MD
Marie Keeton
Magdalena Kershner, MD
William Kestin, MD
Yekaterina Khronosova
Monica Kieu, MD
Chang Soon Kim, MD
King Kim
Sujay Kumar, MD
Alice Kuntz, MD
Stephen Landy, MD
Adrienne Lara, MD
Daniel J. Leeman, MD
John Leonardo, MD
James Lewis
Thom Lobe, MD
Rachel, Lowe, LE
Jenny Lui
Gamil Makar, MD
Deborah Miller
Ousama Moammar, MD
Moine Monts, MD
Rebecca Murray, ARNP
Susan Murmann, MD, OBGYN
Lucio Negro, MD
Stanley Okoro
Renata Orna, DO
Matt Otten, DO
Bhavesh Patel, MD
Jose Manuel Peña, MD
Daniel Pero, DPM
Kristie Plante
Soni Prahbat, MD
Usha Rajagopal, MD
Alexander Rivken, MD
Anne Roberts, MD
Wesley Robinson, MD
David Rosenbaum, MD
Stefan Samuelson, MD
William Jon Schweitzer, MD
Raymond Sedgh, MD
Yessenia Sepulveda, DC
John Serra, MD
Emil Shakov, MD, FACS
Ghazwan Sharabi, MD
Andy Sheep, MD
Marwan Shuayto, DR
Raj Singh, MD, FACP, FASN
Lawrence Smith Jr., DC, NP
Robert Stall, MD
William Starks, MD
Zeeshan Tayeb, MD
Rhuben Thaker, MD
Claudia Theodoro, LE
Jennifer Thomas Goering, MD
Tod Mason Trebony, MD
Jerry Villasenor
Sherry Wehner, MD
Jonathan Weiser, MD
Shawn Yunayev, MD
Donald J. Brideau, MD, MMM, FAAFP


The American Academy of Procedural Medicine offers Board Certification Pathways for Physicians in Aesthetics, Functional Medicine, and Pain Management.

The American Academy of Procedural Medicine is recognized for the Certification pathways available in Aesthetics, Medicine, Pain Management, Anti Aging, Weight Management Medicine, and Surgery. Upon successful completion of the educational workshop program, attendees will be awarded their completion certification.

For those who want the added recognition and distinction have the option to pursue the Board Certification Pathway and become Board Certified in their chosen specialty. Board Certification requirements are described beneath the certification tab but generally physicians must attend designated courses, complete online practical exams and successfully complete their written and oral exam. After the 6-month fellowship, Physicians are eligible to sit for the board exam and become certified.

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