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Mission Statement

The mission of the American Academy of Procedural Medicine (AAOPM) is to achieve excellence in continuing medical education (CME) through educational activities built on evidence-based medicine and the latest standards of care. The CME programs offered by the AAOPM provides activities to meet the participants’ identified educational needs and to support their life-long learning principles of improving physicians’ competency skills in aesthetics, regenerative, interventional pain management, and traditional medical knowledge updates. The AAOPM will sustain a rigorous program of continuing medical education that impacts the provision of health care in those areas by focusing on relevant curricula taught by our renowned faculty of physicians and specialists in these fields.

The AAOPM has trained thousands of physicians and medical professionals over the past 24 years. Probably the most reliable way to evaluate a company’s performance is to watch your colleagues and see what they have to say about our training programs. Here are just a few videos taken from live events.

Photo of doctor Consetino injecting a Woman

Dr. Stephen Cosentino teaches Botox at an AAOPM Seminar.

How it All Began

The AAOPM was created in 1998 by a group of physicians and other health care consultants to serve as a valuable resource for Medical Practitioners of all specialties. Although workshops are scheduled just about every weekend throughout the entire United States (including Canada, Asia and South America), The AAOPM corporate training facility is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we can be contacted directly.

Since 1998, the AAOPM has served Physicians, Nurses, PAs, and Dentists by providing an unmatched level of education and training in Aesthetics, Regenerative Medicine, and Interventional Pain Management, more specifically, instruction on procedures that can readily be integrated into an office based setting.

These procedures have been selected not only to help enhance the level of care and satisfaction for your patient but also to maximize the income potential of the medical practice. The AAOPM has successfully trained over 100,000 health care professionals, more than any other procedural training organization in the United States. The AAOPM. is the most imitated organization, however, the AAOPM. remains the only organization to have the resources and physician staff to offer the variety of training programs that makes us the leader in medical training.



The American Academy of Procedural Medicine is recognized for the Certification pathways available in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine, and Pain Management. Upon successful completion of the educational workshop program, attendees will be awarded their completion certification.

For those who want the added recognition and distinction have the option to pursue the Board Certification Pathway and become Board Certified in their chosen specialty. Board Certification requirements are described beneath the certification tab but generally physicians must attend designated courses, complete online practical exams and successfully complete their written and oral exam. After the 6-month fellowship, Physicians are eligible to sit for the board exam and become certified.

Faculty and Staff

Office Staff

The AAOPM is a full time organization with a dedicated staff of personnel working behind the scenes at our corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. From our main center our team of staff professionals ensures everything is prepared correctly so that training materials, handouts, instructional video, consent forms, charts, documented protocols, and all our materials are available and distributed to each student. As medicine is constantly evolving, The AAOPM. certifies that the information you are provided is the most accurate and up to date.

Photo of womans staff

Physician Advisory Board and Instructors

The AAOPM advisory board work diligently at creating your training materials and certification criteria to ensure you have received the best training possible in your specialty.

The quality of any training event is completely dependent on the performance of our instructors. Our instructors are top notch in their field but most importantly, are exceptional at teaching. A very well credentialed physician does not necessarily translate to a great teacher. Our advisory board carefully reviews the evaluations we receive after each and every workshop to make sure the audience was pleased with the performance of each instructor.

Injection by faculty staff

Not all Training Programs are Created Equal

The AAOPM has been providing training and education to Physicians for over 24 years and has successfully graduated over 100,000 individual.

Similar to a University, we offer training programs and topics in many different areas of medicine so that you will have more options to choose from and are able to receive the most complete training in one place.

Dr. Alan J. Bauman, Hair Transplant Surgeon teaches AAOPM student physicians.

Hands-On Training

AAOPM has pioneered this type of training and our Physician staff closely supervises each attendee during the actual procedure. The hands on training is only completed when attendees have completed the hands on component of the training and feel adequately prepared, as well as when a Physician instructor evaluates the performance and skill of the student during the training. Students will not be awarded a completion certification unless they can properly demonstrate proficiency in a given procedure.

Our Physician Faculty is dedicated to the training and care about each of the participating attendees – many of our instructors have worked for the AAOPM. for the past 17 years or longer. At an AAOPM event it is very common to see instructors working past 7 or 8:00pm with 2 or 3 students who have extra questions and request a little extra help.


The AAOPM does not only provide workshops and seminars, but also provides resources to find other valuable tools to use in your practice.

List of Resources


List of Resources & Description

Instructional Videos

The AAOPM maintains a professional video graphic team to videotape all live events for attendees to view later. Instructional videos are available for you to watch procedures and to learn new techniques. Our video library is available for everyone at NO COST.

Forms, Consents, Treatment Tabes, Protocols

Members have access to our vip section where you can download special forms to use in your office.

Career Placement

The AAOPM offers one of the most effective career placement programs in the entire nation.Utilizing our physician database of over 100,000 members, we “match” employees with employers throughout the country. Prospects must complete their online profile after which we use a proprietary software to match your designated preferences with those of potential employers.

Overhead Reduction Program

That’s right! We even have a program to help you reduce your overhead. As a large purchasing group we have partnered with medical distributors and manufacturers to create a program especially for our members. Again, there is absolutely no additional fee and you can begin saving on your routine purchases just by letting us know.

Marketing Support

The AAOPM contracts with a web marketing company to provide web and internet marketing services for our own company and others who wish for this type of support. Again, all you have to do is ask. Not all of the web/internet marketing support is free but the advise, support, and evaluation of your own website and competitors web site is free.

Ongoing Consultation

Forgot a dosage or treatment protocol? Wish to speak with an instructor? You may contact our corporate training facility and arrange a phone consultation with one of our instructors at no charge.

AAOPM Guarantees

Industry Unique Satisfaction Guarantee

Currently the only Educational Organization who can provide our unique guarantee: If you are not satisfied or believe you need additional hands on experience just let us know! We will arrange a one on one preceptorship with an instructor at NO COST TO YOU.

Industry Unique Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, The AAOPM offers a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the training. Somewhat unusual in the industry; however, we know with our 24 plus years of experience that our attendees do not request refunds because they receive quality training and are happy. If however you are one of the few, just let us know by midday and return your books and materials and you will be issued a refund.

Meet Our Physician Advisory Board to the American Academy of Procedural Medicine

Our Physician Trainers and Specialists are highly credentialed in Aesthetics, Anti Aging, Medicine, and Interventional Pain Management.

The AAOPM has worked with these instructors for many years and we are happy with the positive feedback we continue to receive from our graduates. Here are a few of our trainers, they are not our only instructors, please visit the faculty page for a more complete list along with more information on our instructor’s credentials.

James Avellini, MD

James Avellini, MD

Elias Benhamou, MD

Elias Benhamou, MD

Ayyaz M. Shah, DO

Ayyaz M. Shah. DO

Anne Roberts, MD

Anne Roberts, MD

Ivan Rusilko DO, CSN, PT

Ivan Rusilko DO, CSN, PT

Stephen Cosentino, DO

Stephen Cosentino, DO

William McMunn, DDS, MD

William McMunn, DDS, MD

International Presence

International Presense

The AAOPM has an international presence with representation in Hong Kong, as well as throughout the United States. This enables the organization to share its expertise in procedural medicine globally, while also learning from the unique perspectives and practices of medical professionals in different regions.


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