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Learning new specialty aesthetics training provides your practice to differentiate yourself from others, create additional revenue streams, and provide additional aesthetic options for patients. Even in our struggling economy, the demand for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures is still on a steady rise. To meet the ever-growing demand, primary care physicians are beginning the process of adding several of these cosmetic procedures to their practices’ catalog of services. Our Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training provides you with both basic and advanced procedures in Botox and Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Laser Therapies, skin restoration, and skin rejuvenation treatments in combination for patients. Adding these popular aesthetic procedures to your practice by taking and excelling in an aesthetic training course is a win/win decision for you and your patients.

Specialized injections for Botulinum Toxin and the HA and Non-HA Dermal Fillers is a natural progression of your present aesthetic offerings. Our Aesthetics Training Course concentrates on a number of specialized neurotoxin injections for orofacial pain, chronic migraines, jaw reduction and redefinition, mid-arch brow shaping, nasal flair, nasal tip, and MicroBotox for a number of facial indications. The dermal filler training associated with the medical aesthetic class includes the most popular, off-label applications including tear trough, worry lines, periorbital injections, philtrum definition, hands, malar hollow, various lip injection techniques, and cheek augmentation procedures. The various product characteristics (G-Prime) of the fillers are discussed in detail for you to choose the correct filler for the facial procedure requested.

The Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training workshop will teach the finer points of skin dynamics and the increased demand for specialized Botox and Dermal Filler injections and advanced aesthetic procedures which are becoming the most popular nonsurgical, aesthetic medicine procedures in the country. Through AAOPM’s Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training you will become proficient in all aspects of aesthetic procedures, including lip enhancement, adding cheek volume, and non-invasive/non-surgical face lifts.

Workshop Photo of Belotero Balance Filler Lip Plumping Injection

Hands-On Lip Plumping Procedure

Through our aesthetic course, you will be educated and trained in the effectiveness and usages of various aesthetic procedures (i.e. chemical peels, cosmetic lasers, platelet rich plasma) available in combination with Botox and HA Dermal Fillers. Extensive training in the need and use of micro cannulas for the safe administration of dermal fillers is discussed and demonstrated during the Hands-On Training portion of the program.

Learning to understand patient needs and communicate expected results to patients is paramount to becoming successful as a med-aesthetic practitioner. Extended consultation “pearls” are presented throughout the program as well as the protocols and combination treatment strategies employed by successful Med-Aesthetic Physicians. Our AAOPM Faculty consists only of Board Certified Physicians (i.e. Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and other Physician Specialists) to ensure you receive the latest standard of care, injection methods, and protocols so you feel confident in adding these specialty aesthetic services within your practice safely and competently. The treatment “pearls” shared by our esteemed AAOPM Faculty makes this a “must” course for both advanced injectors and physicians with less injection experience.

Workshop Photo of Static Rhytid Injection using Dermal Fillers periorbital area

Augmentation of Lateral Peri-Orbital Area

Thoroughly understand and become proficient in the following areas:

  1. Learn advanced medical and specialized aesthetic uses for Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.  Observe and perform specialized advanced injections for a number of aesthetic and medical indications.
  2. Understand the various FDA Approved Products for Botulinum Toxin and HA and Non-HA Dermal Fillers as well as the FDA approvals for treatment and “off-label” uses of the products.
  3. Become proficient in evaluation of various aesthetic and medical conditions that can be treated with Botulinum Toxin and understand the various injection techniques, protocols, and patient expectations.
  4. Understand the absolute and relative contraindications for treatment, safety considerations, facial anatomy, areas of adherence, and the use of microcannulas for administration.
  5. Learn how to communicate with patients through consultations and be able to effectively communicate aesthetic and medical options for patients.

Advanced Aesthetic Procedures are worthwhile in the treatment of aging signs and photo-damaged skin, and are quick (usually taking only about 15 minutes) and lucrative. The information given during the workshop is invaluable in creating a baseline for patients and an aesthetic plan for patient addressing all or their aesthetic needs. You will also receive practical information on the use of laser light energies for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening since most physicians and healthcare professionals are likely to incorporate those into their practices at some point in the future.

The course is structured to review all of the procedures in the morning sessions followed by demonstrations and hands-on training in the afternoon. All course materials (i.e. color manuals, administrative forms, intake forms etc.) and medicines are part of your course tuition. The objective for our medical aesthetic class is for you to observe and perform these procedures safely within an aesthetic setting and providing your patients additional options for their aesthetic needs.

Robert Bader, MD reviewing Botox and Dermal Filler Treatment Plan with Attendee

Expert Instruction during Hands-On Session

Tear Trough Injection during Hands-On-Training using HA Fillers

Tear Trough Procedure using Dermal Fillers

AAOPM’s faculty of board-certified specialists and plastic surgeons oversees our hands-on courses and demonstrations in these advanced aesthetic techniques. The medical aesthetics course is designed specifically for physicians, PA’s, nurses, and dentists looking to become proficient in these extremely lucrative procedures. By taking these aesthetic medicine courses, physicians can add advanced aesthetic procedures to their list of services that aren’t impacted by the changing world of medical insurance in a safe and responsible manner to enhance patient care.

The Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training workshop also comes with a complete business lecture component, which will teach you about the pricing and marketing of the services you will learn about through our physician portal. AAOPM through all of our workshops will provide you with necessary and useful materials such as our Pricing and Packaging Guide, Resource Vendor Guide, videos, and additional ancillary information as well as a plethora of administrative, treatment, and consent forms.

Pearls on Injecting the Lips by Dr Rebecca Gelber - Part 1 - AAOPM




Speaker Introduction, Overview of course, Review of Specialized Injection Procedures in Botox and Dermal Fillers for medical and aesthetic purposes.


Orofacial Pain Applications utilizing Botulinum Toxin-A injections; Chronic Migraine Headaches, Bruxism, and TMJ (TMD) disorders. Diagnosis, Protocols, Dosing Schedules, Reimbursement, Injection Techniques, and setting expectations for patients.




Off Label uses for Botox for: MicroBotox, Hyperhidrosis (Scalp), Jaw Reduction, Mid-Arch Brow Shaping, Eyelid Injections, Nasal Flare, Nasal Tip, and Hypertrophic Platysma Banding including all protocols, guidelines, contraindications, safety considerations, injection techniques and patient indications including other alternative treatments for correction.


Lunch (on your own)


Advanced injection applications utilizing temporary and semi-permanent dermal fillers for hands, cheek augmentation procedures, eye hollows (tear trough), differing lip augmentation procedures, and other facial indications.  Use of blunt tip cannulas, review of pertinent facial anatomy, and avoiding complications and adverse events including alternative treatments for correction.




Other advanced off-label injections using dermal fillers for ear lobe correction, static worry lines, and fern technique for extended skin expressions. Review anesthesia options including protocols for facial blocks and aesthetic combination well as photography considerations. Hands-On Training with group breakout sessions observing live patient demonstrations and limited hands-on training on volunteer patients.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a summary of the course agenda. The full course agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to the course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office.

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