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A.A.O.P.M. Certification


The American Academy of Procedural Medicine (A.A.O.P.M.) offers Board Certification pathways for Physicians in Aesthetics, Medicine, Surgery, and Pain Management. Membership with the AAOPM offers additional benefits and is available to physicians and other health care professionals. Becoming Board Certified in a newly added specialty offers numerous benefits for your practice and your patients. As a certified practitioner, your patients, as well as credentialing agents, will know you have taken additional steps to further your education and your skills. 

A.A.O.P.M. Board Certification Requirements 

5 Steps to begin the board certification pathway: 

  1. Become a member, board certification requires a minimum of (3) months in good standing with the A.A.O.P.M.
  2. Fulfill the required training attendance in the area you wish to become Board Certified.
  3. Pass all written exams
  4. Submit (2) patient case studies in the area of medicine you are seeking board certification
  5. Integrate newly learned techniques into your clinical practice. Minimum (6) months experience required prior to sitting for board certification written exam.


  • Aesthetic Cert: Attend (4) core classes in Aesthetics
  • Medical Certification: Attend (3) core classes in Medicine
  • Anti-Aging Certification: Attend (2) core classes in Anti-Aging
  • Weight Loss Certification: Attend (2) core classes in Weight Loss
  • Surgical Certification: Attend (1) core class in Surgery
  • Pain Mgt. Certification: Attend (2) core classes in Pain Management. Prerequisite 3 day “Pain Show”.

Diploma Certificate 

  • Diploma Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the required programs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency during the hands on portion if a technical skill is required.
  • Receive a passing scores (70% or greater) on the “Practical Exam” provided at the conclusion of each program. Practical Exams are comprehensive multiple choice exams taken either online or at the actual program location. In either case, practical exams must be completed within (14) days following successful completion of the program attended.

Pass Board Certification Written Exam 

  • Complete Board Certification application
  • Submit Diploma Certificate along with application
  • Receive passing score (70% or greater) of the Board Exam (written, approx 2 hour completion time).
  • Demonstrate proficiency during the Instructional exam.
  • Board Exams (written) must be scheduled in advance. Please see exam schedule for up to date information.
  • Board Exams are offered at seminar locations each month

AAOPM Certification Benefits: 

  • Board Certification: Becoming a Board Certified Physician is an achievement available to select individuals committed to becoming recognized in their field of medicine.
  • Board Certification Certificate: Upon successful completion of all requirements, physician will be awarded board certification-certificate. Your certificate will be signed by each A.A.O.P.M. advisory board member and A.A.O.P.M. medical director.
  • Member Wall Plaque: Receive your attractive wall plaque once you become a member.
  • Physician Locator: For use by Patients searching for either your name or the services your practice offers. A personalized landing page will be found by these patients when searching.
  • Board Certification Logo and Seal: Available to place on your website or online signature area. This seal may be used as a link to direct patients to the A.A.O.P.M. website where they can learn more about your credentials and board certification.





The American Academy of Procedural Medicine offers Board Certification Pathways for Physicians in Aesthetics, Medicine, Surgery, and Pain Management.

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AAOPM is proud to offer certification courses for physicians and nurses in New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Sam Francisco and many other cities.


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