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Training in Image Guided Injections for Joints and Soft Tissues for Integrative Pain Management Procedures.

Ultrasound technologies are at the forefront of pain management treatments used today. Making use of new improvements in musculoskeletal transducers, physicians can hone in on peripheral nerves and their adjacent structures clearly. Ultrasound guided injections have an increased healing time/reduced recovery time as well as an overall decrease in pain when compared to other pain management techniques. They are safe and non-invasive. Take advantage of ultrasound technologies by enrolling in the Ultrasound Guided Pain Management Injection Training.

Presented by our lead instructor and board-certified pain management specialist, Dr. Ernest Roman MD, the Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Management Training Interventional Training gives you the full scope and application of this budding technology. The training encompasses lecture in the morning (detailing the procedure, its benefits, applications, complications, selection process, and more), followed by a complete and intensive hands-on component in the afternoon. We use custom fabricated models outfitted to be used during ultrasound guided musculoskeletal injections, although volunteer patients may be used.

ultrasound guided interventional pain management physician instructor explaining procedure

Learn how not only is this pain management technique a useful tool for your practice but a lucrative addition as well. Discover the breadth and scope of the many applications this treatment can be utilized, including acute, subacute, and chronic conditions for all of the large joints (knee, hip, shoulder). At our training, you will gain in understanding in precise injection placement, patient criteria and selection, as well as billing and coding for the injection process.

We have also made sure to includea complete business and marketing component to this training workshop. Learn how to strategically plan for and implement this procedure into your practice’s existing catalog of treatments, as well as marketing strategies to build up and maintain a client base. Receive informational literature for your own edification, as well as for your patients. Enrollment in our 1-Day intensive Pain Management Ultrasound Training is bound to fill up fast, so call our offices to secure your spot today.

ultrasound guided interventional pain management shoulder procedure

Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Management Procedures

Objectives for Ultrasound Guided Pain Management Injection Training

Upon the successful completion of the Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Injection Course attendees should be able to perform the following:

  • Observe and perform correct imaging (ultrasound) techniques for performing joint injections in the shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, sacroiliac joint and various small joint using ultrasound.
  • Observe and perform correct imaging (ultrasound) techniques for performing soft tissue injections for upper and lower extremities including pharmacologics used for the procedures to treat various tendinopathies and other soft tissue pathologies.
  • Understand the basics of ultrasound technologies including physics, optimizing image quality, choosing the right transducer, transducer movements and scanning approaches (i.e. Out of Plan, In Plane).
  • Learn the advantages and limitations for the indicated uses of ultrasound in interventional pain management injections. Understand irregular pain pathologies and possible technologies available with ultrasound devices.
  • Understand and visualize anatomical landmarks for transducer placements and injections using the various approaches necessary for soft tissue and joints.
  • Learn the various pain pathologies, how to use ultrasound to help confirm diagnosis, and which medications should be used for these MSK injections including the use of contrast.
  • Understand alternative uses for the musculoskeletal transducers for other types of diagnostic procedures or therapeutic injections (i.e. Stem Cells, UCB, Exosomes, and PRP) within a clinical environment.
  • Receive Billing and Coding (ICD-10/CPT Codes), RVU values, General Billing Guidelines, and Administrative Forms to integrate these new procedures within your medical practice.

DAY 1 - 8:30am–9:00am



Speaker Introduction, Overview of indications for use and limitations of ultrasound. Advantages and Disadvantages of performing US Guided Interventional Pain Management Injections as compared to palpation method of delivery. Review newer technologies available, cost considerations, accessibility (portability), and extended functionality of ultrasound devices.


Various treatment options and ultrasound techniques for imaging in relation to soft tissue injections, muscles, and tendons for medium and large bursa injections. Variables to scanning techniques including functionality for gain, focus, and compound imaging, optimizing image quality with color Doppler and color power Doppler (CPD), and choosing the correct linear array transducer for depth of injection and anatomy. Other new technologies available such as contralateral comparison, higher frequency transducers, tissue harmonics, and 3-D Imaging options.




Transducer basics, safety, the (3) transducer movements, “In Plane” approach, “Out of Plane” (OOP) approach, and the possible use of echogenic needles and ultrasound contrast materials to aid injections. Protocols for transducer placement for imaging of skeletal muscular injections and advanced “pearls” of injection including compression techniques for composition of underlying tissues and defects for irregular pain pathologies. Questions and Answers for attendees concerning the morning session.


Lunch (on your own).


Review of soft tissue injections for ultrasound, protocols, scanning considerations, and medications utilized for these injections (i.e. corticosteroids, biologics such as PRP, and proliferant therapies (prolotherapy) indications and treatments for soft tissues. Review absolute and relative contraindications for medications. Procedures for joint injections under image guidance (ultrasound) for the most common large and small bursa areas including hip, arm/elbow, carpal tunnel, shoulder, foot and ankle, and knee. Review of equipment selection for large as well as small/medium size bursa structures, transducer positions, images of the various structures, and “pearls” associated with these injections. Pre and post-treatment guidelines, increased efficacy of exact needle placement, and review of billing and coding including review of intake forms, global period for injections, and CPT codes.




Hands-On Training utilizing ultrasound devices and technologies for scanning of various anatomical locations to develop proficiency in imaging and transducer placement for the placement of injections. For attendees not familiar with the interventional pain management injections, anatomical models are provided for palpation method of injection including needle placement and approach for trigger points and joint injections to gain additional experience in these injections.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a summary of the course agenda. The full course agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to the course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office.

Our goal is for you to be successful.

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the procedures themselves, we also provide lessons in procedure pricing and marketing strategies to ensure financial success. These tools have been field tested and implemented in our own practices. Again, the goal is for you to leave the workshop confident in the procedure itself, but also confident that this will be a lucrative opportunity for your practice.

Our business training can also be found online, via special Training Webinars, which can be completed prior to or subsequently to the workshop. Be sure to check the schedule on our website for upcoming dates.

Demonstration of neural block technique utilizing ultrasound

Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Management Procedures

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