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PDO Thread Lift Training

PDO thread market continues to grow exponentially and is becoming the most popular minimally invasive alternative to various aesthetic and surgical procedures. PDO thread technologies allow for instant and profound results creating higher patient satisfaction while minimizing pain and other adverse results associated with surgical options.

The American Academy of Procedural Medicine (AAOPM) 1-Day PDO Thread Lift Training course is structured for physicians, dentists, and nurses to safely master thread techniques, setting you apart from other aesthetic treatment providers and enable you to learn and take advantage of advanced aesthetic procedures. This 1-Day hands-on intensive training will be conducted on live models under the direct supervision of our board-certified physician instructors who perform these procedures routinely in their own private practices.

pdo thread lift training hands on session

PDO Thread Lift Training Workshop

This comprehensive “hands-on” training course utilizes multiple types of learning techniques in addition to the clinical training consisting of virtual learning, video-on-demand, and a vast video library to ensure attendees are comfortable integrating PDO threads for patients. PDO Threads can be utilized as a “stand-alone” procedure or in combination with other Anti-Aging treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers. The PDO Thread Lifting Training incorporates all the various types of threads used for volumizing (collagenesis), contouring (shaping), hair rejuvenation, and lifting effect for face and body indications. The most common areas are covered within the program including:

  • Cheeks (Lifting)
  • Jawline Contouring (V-Shape of Face)
  • Neck and Double Chin (Skin Laxity)
  • Eye Brows (Lateral and Fox Eye)
  • Décolleté
  • Facial Rejuvenation (i.e., perioral region, lips, forehead, hands, scarring indications)
  • Body Lifting & Contouring (Abdomen, Arms, Buttocks, Inner Thighs, Knee Area)
  • Other areas for treatment including Thread Embedding Technologies (TET) for hair

Our 1-Day PDO Thread Training program is structured and designed for novices or advanced injectors who seek additional training, standard of care, and complications management. The pre-requisites associated with PDO Thread Lift Training include experience in the administration of Botox and Dermal Fillers or training equivalence commensurate with other aesthetic injectables. All medicines are included needed for the training as well as detailed color manuals, injection illustrations, forms and consents, and a video library within our educational portal.

pdo thread lift training instructor explaining procedure

PDO Thread Lift Training Workshop

Who Should Attend?

  • Physicians: Adding profitable, non-invasive procedures create additional revenue streams within your practice while enhancing patient care. The thread procedures are “cash basis” and also will allow the physician to delegate to others in creating new profit centers within a practice setting.
  • Nurse Practitioners: Differentiate your practice from others and offer advanced aesthetic treatments that patients are demanding. Grow your practice by leveraging your present patient population and expand your patient services by offering these “easy to perform”, safe procedures.
  • Physician Assistants: Expand your skill set and learn procedures that will make yourself more marketable and “in-demand” in the aesthetic and medical field. PA(s) who exhibit these additional skill sets earn additional income and responsibilities within your present practice or in marketing yourself to others.

Our PDO Thread Lift Training program is designed to facilitate a high level of practical knowledge to deliver PDO treatment safely with the ability to address complications and adverse events that may arise. This is a Certification training course for PDO Thread Lift administration and is recognized by most insurance carriers who wish to integrate thread face lifting into their practice. Attendees will receive specific protocols associated with proper placement, vectors for lifting into the deeper fascial tissues, and product selection enabling practitioners to seamlessly incorporate these new procedures upon completion of the training.

Create a higher quality of care for patients while enhancing patient care through this comprehensive training on the fastest growing segment in aesthetics. Join your fellow colleagues and network with other physicians in this 1-Day intensive PDO thread workshop.

pdo thread lift training student hands on session practice

PDO Thread Lift Training Workshop

PDO thread lift procedures involve inserting absorbable sutures under the skin resulting in a significant lift and collagen remodeling. There are many types of absorbable PDO thread sutures for the face and body with many variations in size, length, and tissue adhesion. Smooth (Mono) threads are used for volumizing tissues under the skin resulting in increased collagen production as well as defining and filling deficit areas similar to dermal fillers. Barbed (COG) threads are used to lift the tissues under the skin and suspend tissues to the desired effect. Variations to the Smooth (Mono) thread sutures include twisted (broom), embossed, and mesh-style threads. The major benefit of opting for a thread lift procedure rather than a facelift among most patients is the reduced recovery time and safety factor associated with PDO thread treatments.

pdo thread lift training hands on session with instructor

PDO Thread Lift Training Workshop

PDO Threads Training Objectives and Hands-On Training

Upon completion of the PDO Thread Training Course, attendees should be able to understand and feel proficient in the following:

  • Practice and perform procedures for PDO Thread Sutures competently, safely, and effectively for their patients. Each participant will learn how to avoid risks and associated complications with these treatments.
  • Apply generally accepted protocols for the administration of PDO Threads for various aesthetic indications. Each attendee will learn the proper guidelines for product acquisition, patient charting, and administration issues (intake forms, informed consents, post treatment forms etc.). They will also learn corrective measures for adverse events.
  • Assess who is a candidate (patient selection) for the PDO Thread Lift procedure. Understand how the thread lift procedure will maximally benefit selective patients and which anatomical areas are acceptable for treatment. Attendees completing the training will gain a full understanding of the procedures and meeting patient expectations.
  • Identify the mechanism of action, pertinent facial anatomy, and areas thread insertions. You will learn the characteristics and differences between the various thread options for lifting, contouring, and collagen remodeling of tissues. Understand patient preferences, manage patient expectations, and perform after-care and follow-up post procedures.
  • Gain expertise and proficiency in performing all the most popular, most used techniques for performing thread lift procedures.
  • Employ generally accepted protocols associated with the various types of PDO Threads including recommendations, product duration, storage, placement, contraindications, and possible adverse events and complications.
  • Understand the available anesthesia options to be incorporated with PDO Threads and to avoid areas of adherence across the face and body.
  • Display enhanced injection skills and techniques, through hands-on training using smooth threads with needles and barbed (COG) thread sutures using cannulas. Attendees will review and identify the need to offer touch-ups and set client expectations.
  • Review various administrative issues, complete patient consultations, combination therapies, marketing aspects, and pricing necessary to successfully integrate these procedures, including medical intake forms and informed patient consents.

DAY 1 - 7:45am–8:45am



Instructor Introduction, Review pre-requisite PDO Video Elements through Questions & Answers for PDO Thread Lift Placement. Review procedures to be performed during the hands-on session. Questions & Answers.


Hands‐On Sessions #1. Supervised Hands-On Training of small group for attendees on volunteer patients utilizing smooth (mono) PDO threads using the various types of PDO monofilament sutures (twisted, mesh, mono) for a variety of facial and body indications (depending upon volunteer presentations for treatment and instructor approval).




Hands‐On Sessions #2. Supervised Hands-On Training of small group for attendees on volunteer patients utilizing barbed (COG) PDO sutures utilizing the various types of barbed PDO sutures (Pressed COG, Zig Zag, V2) for a variety of facial and body indications (depending upon volunteer presentations for treatment and instructor approval).

PRE-REQUISITE – Instructional Materials

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best training available including the safety of all participants for the PDO Thread Lift Training. The AAOPM requires all registered attendees to view all educational videos prior to their attendance including access to the video library of procedures to acquaint yourself with the protocols and techniques. Completion of our video-on-demand program is a requirement to participate in the hands-on element for certification. All registered attendees will receive access to our video library prior to the clinical aspect of the hands-on training.

Please download the full color manual prior to viewing the pre-requisite videos which further details the following topics:


  • History of Polydioxanone and its use in skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Categories of PDO Threads (Smooth vs Barbs) available and potential uses within Aesthetics
  • FDA Clearance
  • Relative and Absolute Contraindications

Patient Consultation Process

  • Communicating expected results for PDO Thread Lifting Treatments
  • Combination Therapies utilizing PDO Threads
  • Learn the various vectors and techniques for common facial and body indications.
  • Understand and safely mark facial zones and mark out areas of adherence.
  • Product Characteristics, Mechanism of Action for Lifting and Collagen Remodeling, Proper Patient Selection, and proper depth placement for PDO thread sutures.

Pertinent Facial Anatomy:

  • Review Facial Vasculature, Neuroanatomy, Lymphatic Systems, and Facial Retaining Ligaments.
  • Marking out Zones of Adherence
  • Understanding the various dermal planes and depths for the injection, specifically the SMAS layer for injection of the Barbed (COG) threads.
  • Correcting and avoiding Complications and managing adverse events associated with the HA and Non-HA injections including reversal of the procedure.

Review standard of care and established protocols associated with the various types of PDO Threads. Understand the medical model, utilize safety techniques, and identify potential patients who would maximally benefit from thread treatments. Included within the manual and instructional videos include:

  • Preparation and dosage management (# of threads per area)
  • Thread Implantation Techniques, Proper placement for mid-face, décolleté, perioral, lips, neck, and other volumizing areas of the face utilizing smooth (mono) threads.
  • Placement of Barbed Surgical Sutures for the face, arms, and other anatomical areas.
  • How to achieve safe and predictable outcomes. Injection Pearls
  • After-Care Instruction Post-Treatment.
  • Complication Management: Correcting Complications and Adverse Events
  • Combination Therapies with other Aesthetic Procedures
  • Patient management including setting patient expectations.

Revenue and Marketing Considerations:

  • Implementing Thread Lifting into your everyday practice
  • Pricing and Packaging Options for common thread lift procedures

DISCLAIMER: The following is a summary of the course agenda. The full course agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to the course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office.

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