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Over 50% of women over 20 years of age suffer from unwanted veins and 80% of these unwanted veins are cosmetic in nature and pose no immediate medical threat. In today’s world these visible veins give the impression of either poor health or aging when in fact we can effectively and safely eliminate these veins. High patient demand for these services allow for physicians to add these new cash basis services to their practice without a large capital investment. Patients will find these procedures rewarding as well but many do not understand the efficacy and safety associated with these newer treatments. Aesthetic lasers may also be another viable option for your practice due to the simple manner in treating telangectasias and reticular veins in facial and leg areas.  

Our Hands-On Sclerotherapy Training course offers a comprehensive education of this beneficial treatment to physicians and nurses. Through this course, you will discover the entire sclerotherapy procedure, which includes viable injection techniques, standard of care, and proper patient evaluations. Sclerotherapy has been proven to be advantageous to medical practices, not just financially for the practice, itself, but by delivering an exemplary success rate among patients. Our Sclerotherapy Training workshop will provide you with the necessary resources to make the integration process possible. As part of the sclerotherapy class you will receive additional sclerotherapy educational resources containing illustrative techniques and written protocols.

Hands-On Sclerotherapy Injection Training

Hands-On Sclerotherapy Injection Training

The benefit to the physician for offering sclerotherapy is that it remains one of the most in-demand cash basis procedure which you can easily incorporate into your practice. The price for the procedure is $300.00 per (30) minute session and the cost of medicine is minimal (+/- $15). The typical sclerotherapy patient will require 1-3 sessions and will need to maintain these results thereafter. Physicians may also delegate these procedures to mid-level practitioners as another way of taking a cost center and creating a revenue center within the practice. On average, a normal medical practice should realize anywhere from $45 – $75k+ per year in profits from offering this procedure.  

Modern sclerotherapy agents have replaced the traditional hypertonic saline injections. These modern agents if used correctly no longer run the risk of staining, matting, or necrosis of tissue. We train you in the latest sclerotherapy agents including STS (Sotradecal), POL (Asclera), and the use of chromated glycerin (72%). Our Sclerotherapy Training includes all forms and consents, ACP standard of care guidelines, and hands-on training for the elimination of reticular and spider veins.

Live Practical Session: Cosmetic Sclerotherapy Training

Sclerotherapy Training Course - Testimonial

During the sclerotherapy class you will learn the most common techniques in eliminating these unsightly veins which will include the latest in injection techniques, medical protocols utilized, latest sclerosing detergents, and a complete presentation of the latest laser solutions to common vein problems. You will learn to evaluate and consult with your patient from both a medical and a aesthetic perspective.

There is also extended didactic on venous anatomy and pathophysiology, techniques, complications, contraindications, as well as developed standard of care are covered in detail throughout from the American Academy of Phlebology. Our Board Certified specialists will provide you with extensive sclerotherapy treatment options, as well as hands-on training in a small group setting, ensuring the success of your Sclerotherapy Training.

sclerotherapy training treatment using 1064nm Nd Yag Laser

Leg Vein Treatment using 1064nm Nd: Yag Laser

  1. Gain a full understanding and receive the technical skills needed to perform the various sclerotherapy procedures taught through our sclerotherapy training course.
  2. Learn to identify the medical patient suffering from venous incompetence including reflux, muscle wasting, and other forms of medical venous disorders.
  3. Understand when to perform specific diagnostic studies and the importance of ultrasound and other non-invasive studies as it relates to patients indicated with venous insufficiency.
  4. Learn the importance of post treatment compression for the destruction of reticular veins and in limiting post procedure complications.
  5. Learn to implement specific strategies for marketing and practice growth.
Hands-On Sclerotherapy Injection Training

Hands-On Sclerotherapy Injection Training

Sclerotherapy Agenda




Introduction, Venous Anatomy & Pathophysiology, Patient Selection and medical review of the need for Medical Sclerotherapy and Cosmetic Sclerotherapy. Review symptoms for medical vein incompetence and review of deeper venous system and response to unwanted veins for patients including cursory medical review for patients.




FDA Approved Sclerosing Agents used in Cosmetic Sclerotherapy including injection techniques for reticular and telangiectasias (thread veins), and understanding of possible complications and expected results for patients. Review all pre, intraoperative, and Post-Operative protocols including administrative concerns.




Use of laser light energies cosmetically for vein treatments including mechanism of action, contraindications, and expected results. Review of photodynamic medications affecting light energy treatments as well as all protocols for treatment.


Introduction to ultrasound guided injections for large vein treatment for both peripheral and deep vein destruction. Case Studies, Billing & Reimbursement, Supplements, and Pathways for additional education and training are discussed.




Hands-On Sclerotherapy Techniques cosmetically utilizing live patients using FDA Approved POL (Asclera) for both reticular veins and telangiectasias. All attendees will need to portray proficiency in these vein injections to receive certification and the successful completion of the program.




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