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Latest in Integrative and Evidence Based Physician Supervised Weight Loss Systems, Protocols, & Medical Review.

Offering weight loss therapies in your practice allows you to help a large number of your patients improve their health and well being while adding a significant new revenue stream for your practice as well. Medically prescribed weight loss diet plans are very popular because patients can lose large amounts of weight very quickly. With all the different and popular diet plans available for overweight patients, physicians and medical professionals can set themselves apart by being able to prescribe a medically supervised weight loss program which may also include prescription medications for your patient. Prescription weight loss therapies allow for compliance with patients suffering from eating disorders and for other certain medical conditions.

Weight loss procedures represent the largest market segment within aesthetic procedures performed in the United States. It is estimated that the total weight loss market in the United States exceeds $50B annually. In addition, 70% of patients surveyed would rather have weight loss administered by a physician over the fad diets and national diet centers.

The A.A.O.P.M. has created this Medical Weight Loss program with comprehensive training on all the prescription diet programs available including detailed information on all the protocols, prescriptions, the workup and evaluation of the patient as well as the bariatric protocols. Practitioners will be equipped to offer a variety of treatment options for overweight patients which will create a significant, new revenue stream for a medical practice. Your instructor, Ann Robern, MD also teaches the Anti Aging Medicine program the day before and is a favorite instructor of the A.A.O.P.M. because of her knowledge, dedication, and patience in teaching these classes. Dr. Robern is not only a seasoned weight loss and anti aging physician specialist, but also has earned outstanding credentials from Yale Medical School, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic . Obesity and weight problems affect two out of three people in the United States so the potential for acquiring patients is endless and can help springboard your practice into offering other aesthetic services as well since you can cross market the additional services to your weight loss patient. A typical weight loss patient and subsequent maintenance phase to weight loss can generate over $1,100.00 per patient.

Nationally, the most popular weight loss therapy for overweight otherwise healthy patients is covered extensively within our Medical Weight Loss Workshops. High patient satisfaction and accelerated weight loss on specific medically prescribed diet plans makes a ketosis diet regimen the most popular diet demanded by patients. Learn the physiological interaction, mechanism of action, and overall administration at our Medical Weight Loss Training as it relates to:

  • Regulation of the hypothalamus (pituitary gland)
  • Energy levels (testosterone)
  • Preservation of lean body mass
  • Natural appetite suppressant qualities
  • Feedback mechanism after alteration in Biochemistry
  • Combination with natural supplements (B-12, MIC, Nutriceuticals)
  • Dosing levels and delivery mechanisms (injection, oral, nasal spray, troche)
  • Problem Patients (non-compliance)
  • Specific Biochemical (physician prescribed) diet plans and modification plans
  • Complete food and nutrition guide for patients
  • Contraindications and complete protocol for cycling

Learn more about the Medical Weight Loss Training Workshop

During our Medical Weight Loss Training program you will gain a thorough understanding of the dynamics needed to create a weight loss center or service within your practice. Our medical weight loss course will go over the medical circumstances and appropriate treatment parameters/guidelines as well as the various options you may offer to patients including supplements, natural suppressants, and the various delivery mechanisms for successful weight loss. Pre-existing conditions (i.e. diabetes), hormonal influences, and contraindications are extensively discussed to ensure compliance and safety for your patients. You will receive a number of protocols, intake forms, articles, promotional materials, and other administrative forms to feel comfortable in implementing this new “cash basis” procedure within your practice.

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Medical Weight Loss Training

Weight loss and subsequent weight management is largely a “cash basis” procedure that can easily be performed and safely administered by yourself and staff members. Learn from our expert staff of physicians and specialists the keys to a successful weight loss program. Discover the benefits and pitfalls to providing these services in-house and also learn how to be able to promote these services outside of your practice. Being able to attract patients to your weight loss practice will also open opportunities in other aesthetic procedures as they are inter-related as to the overall well being of the patient. In other words, if patients start to feel better about the way they look there is a tendency to continue these same aesthetic procedures to other parts of the body or other aesthetic concerns. The result is a striving aesthetic practice independent of your medical services offered!

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Medical Weight Loss Training

Offering weight loss treatments for your patients will allow you to treat the #1 cause of preventable death in the United States as deaths attributable to obesity now exceed that of smoking. Create a service that will benefit your patients and learn to create a customizable, personal weight loss plan that will allow for a success and subsequent long-term weight management. Attendees will be presented with numerous options in the effective approach to weight loss for their patients. Combination therapies are discussed as well as conventional and integrative approaches in the managed care for weight loss.

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Medical Weight Loss Training

Objectives for Medical Weight Loss Training

After successful completion of the course, the attending physician or healthcare professional will have a full understanding and knowledge of the following:
  1. Learn how to identify which weight loss program will work best for patients presenting a variety of medical and weight issues. Understand the need for laboratory work, identifying hormonal factors, and psychosocial stressors attributable to weight gain.
  2. Learn about the latest in weight loss equipment and supplies to enhance your practice:
    1. Bioimpedance scales and segmental fat analyzers
    2. Calorimeters
    3. Computer software tracking (maintenance phase)
    4. Meal Replacement (Retail)
    5. Nutriceuticals (Supplements)
  3. Gain a full understanding concerning the latest programs available for weight loss and receive full protocols for the following:
    1. Physician Prescribed Diet Plan and Protocols
    2. Glycemic Diet Plans
    3. Approved Bariatric Diet Plans
    4. Prescription Therapies
    5. High Protein / Low Fat Diets
    6. Zone Diets/South Beach/Schwarzbein Principle and other diet programs
  4. Understand how other factors influence weight loss results including:
    1. Importance of Exercise
    2. Stress relief (sleep, stress management)
    3. Possible Behavioral therapy modification/identification relating to obesity
    4. Hormonal factors, hormonal testing
    5. Use of other compounded agents (MIC Injections, B-12, Trans-dermal Patches, Supplements, and more.)
  5. Learn the latest in pharmacological drugs that may be used in weight management for patients. Understand which FDA approved drugs can be used for treatment or in combination with other therapies. Safely learn the protocols for dispensing these prescriptions to patients.
  6. Gain additional knowledge of “off-label” uses of various drugs including possible dosing and safe administration of the same. Learn how supplements may enhance weight loss and which supplements to look for in various nutriceutical formulations. Understand when to prescribe certain supplements with others and where contraindicated in patients or by drug interaction.
  7. Learn to be successful in Weight Loss Therapies and other aesthetic procedures:
    1. Integration of “cash basis” procedures within your practice
    2. Introduce “non-capital” complimentary procedures with weight loss
    3. Understand the importance of offering a variety of weight reduction alternatives.
    4. Referrals and the need to promote weight management services outside your practice.
    5. Leverage weight loss with other “in-demand” services (i.e. botox, fillers, cellulite) and products (retail/nutriceuticals)
    6. Understand the need to be practical as well as how to create a successful business model. (We have outlined one for you already).
    7. See how other aesthetic services compliment your practice
    8. Learn conventional marketing techniques that work best and the latest in internet marketing techniques.
    9. Pricing & Packaging




Speaker Introduction, Growing Epidemic of Obesity in the United States and the reality of obesity treatments and associated health problems and medical complications associated with obesity. Weight Loss Market Size, Physician Supervised Weight Loss programs and the medical costs associated with obesity. Review various triggers, lifestyle & environmental factors behind the epidemic of obesity. Compare genetics and obesity, integrative medical concepts concerning the effects of adrenal, thyroid and gonadal hormone imbalances.




Advantages and disadvantages of the hCG Diet Program, suggested protocols, dosing, relative and absolute contraindications, various delivery methods available, and FDA oversight and compliance issues. Review adjunctive weight loss therapies with the inclusion of MIC (Methionine Inositol Choline) lipotrophic injections, Vitamin B-12 injections, meal replacements, and other supplements used in combination with weight loss programs. Discuss the correlation of Diet and Exercise, Weight Loss and Weight Loss Compliance post procedure.


Bariatric (hearty healthy) diets for patients that may be contraindicated or medically predisposed from other weight loss programs (i.e. Mediterranean Diet). Review the advantages and disadvantages of other popular diets including VLCD, Ketosis, VLFD, Omish, Glycemic, and other diets. Understand Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), Hypothyroidism, Initial Diagnosis, Testing, and Treatment. Introduction to the protocols for prescribing and why most adults are overweight.


Lunch (on your own)


Treating the Medical Weight Loss Patient, need for medical histories, pre-existing conditions, FDA Approved prescription medications, and possible drug interactions. Customizing a Personal Weight Loss Plan for patients with medical at risk patients. Review the growing number of Weight Loss Supplements – when and how to use them. Learn the patient interactions protocols, and precautions when prescribing and the need for patient monitoring during their weight loss program.




Integrating new weight therapies into your existing practice, post weight loss maintenance programs, need for retail (meal plans), insurance considerations, laboratory testing, follow up and monitoring, and special considerations. Information “pearls” on how to startup your own weight loss programs, delegation to mid-levels, and successfully create new revenue streams into your present medical practice.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a summary of the course agenda. The full course agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to the course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office.

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