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Hormone Pellet replacement has increased in popularity for both men and women because of the convenience, consistent delivery of the medication, as well as the higher compliance rate for patients. Hormone Pellet therapies have changed significantly in the past years as more information is available and options are greater concerning dosage and time duration. Pellet therapies allow for a more consistent, effective form of delivery and the American Academy of Procedural Medicine (AAOPM) has created this Hormone Pellet Training Course for physicians and nurse practitioners to be able to compliment and offer these adjunct procedures to their regenerative medical offerings.  

During the Hormone Pellet Training course studies you will gain the necessary training and “standard of care” considerations to be able to perform these procedures and have the necessary knowledge and skills to offer hormone pellet therapies within your practice. There is a high demand for these services as many patients find the convenience and level dosing of the medication superior to other topical or oral formulations and patient compliance is greater using pellet therapies compared to other conventional delivery methods.

Photo of Testosterone Hormone Pellets prior to insertion

Testosterone Pellets in Surgical Basin/Cup

The demand for anti-aging services is increasing within your aging patient population. Integrated medical practices are utilizing pellets as their primary means to treat their patients as patients prefer and requesting this form of treatment. Patients are more informed of the safety and potential benefits of hormone replacement therapies whether through the internet, informed sources, or referrals from friends and associates. Reimbursement for these procedures are available from many of the private forms of insurance as well as the lab testing required prior and subsequent to the procedure. Being able to offer these simple to perform procedures will allow for greater revenues as well as helping to distinguish yourself from others offering these regenerative (Anti-Aging) procedures. Integrative Regenerative services is a $15B industry in the United States and compliments conventional medicine in the treatment of age-related chronic conditions.

The American Academy of Procedural Medicine (AAOPM) Hormone Pellet Training Course is designed for healthcare professionals with an understanding of BHRT and is setup for the practical integration of this minimally invasive procedure within a practice setting. The Hormone Pellet Training Workshops will demonstrate the hormone pellet procedure using anatomical models to ensure all attendees will be able to perform the implantation procedure at the training and will detail those patients that will benefit most from the potential use of Testosterone and Estradiol that conventional medicine or other delivery methods are not effective:

Physician Instructor demonstrating Hormone Pellet Technique with Tochar

Administration of Testosterone Pellets to Patient

Potential Benefits for Men and Post-Menopausal Women (Testosterone)

  • Increased sexual libido, function and performance
  • Preservation of bone density
  • Possible increase in lean muscle mass and stamina
  • Lowering of abdominal or other visceral body fat
  • Decrease in mood disorders (i.e. depression) as well as overall quality of life issues relating to aging.
  • More energy and better sleep
  • Improved brain function and implied risks associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease which has been linked to sub-optimal testosterone levels
  • Possible improved blood sugar regulation and reduced risk of diabetes
  • Increased nitric oxide production and oxygenation (delivery) to cells

Potential Benefits for Women (Estradiol):

Though not commonly prescribed in pellet form due to the aromatization of testosterone in post-menopausal women, estradiol pellets may be considered for:

  • Symptoms associated with Menopause (i.e. thermoregulation (hot flashes), night sweats)
  • Sexual Discomfort and other vaginal symptoms (itchy, dryness, burning)
  • Difficulties with urination (burning or pain)
  • Limiting Osteopenia and Osteoporosis
  • Patients suffering from severe vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause as well atrophy of the vagina and clitoris

BHRT utilizing pellet implantation is the most effective of the various delivery methods to administer hormone replacement for both women and men. The course program will explain the various medical equipment needed (disposable trocar kits available, stainless steel trocars) as well as the subtle differences between the manufacturers of BHRT pellets. A large portion of the program will go over the actual procedure, areas of injection, proper placement, and compliance with medical established standards of care associated with the suggested protocol. Evidence based studies will be presented as well as alternative protocols for the gradual transition from other forms of deliver including in combination.  

BHRT using pellet implants have been used safely and effectively in men and women for over 70 years and has a high safety protocol. The advantages to patients include convenience (fewer office visits), less fluctuations in levels, and being able to maintain normal ratios of estradiol to estrone in females and safely titrate testosterone levels as indicated for men and women for extended periods of up to 4-5 months. Benefits of offering pellet therapies to the physician include:  

  • Predictability of outcome for HRT in patients
  • Increased professional fee and profitability
  • High safety profile and easy to perform minimally invasive procedure
  • Relatively painless procedure for your patients – in-office, clean procedure
  • Steri-Strip is used for the area of insertion
  • Procedure takes only minutes to perform
  • Procedure need only to be repeated 3-4 times per year
  • Pellets do not increase the risk of blood clots like some conventional or synthetic hormone replacement therapies
Hormone Pellet Insertion on Patient

Insertion Technique for Hormone Pellets using Trochar

After the successful completion of the Hormone Pellet Training course attendees will:

  • Acquire the necessary “standard of care” and protocols needed for the safe and effective treatment of hormone pellets and the proper candidates for BHRT relating to men and post-menopausal women.
  • Understand the up to date consensus information for the conversion from creams and foam for both the testosterone and estradiol pellet therapies and the contrast and limitations of the FDA approved synthetic forms available. You will learn additional sources of where to acquire pellets, all medical instruments needed (trochars), insertion procedure, risks, adverse events, and complications.
  • Receive product information, clinical review studies, and other evidenced based studies relating to, and the appropriate titration schedules for patients.
  • Review the medical requirements, contraindications, and benefits associated with replacement therapies and patient benefits for Testosterone and/or Estradiol for the treatment of a variety of chronic symptoms associated with the aging process.
  • Learn what is required and gain a full understanding of the various legal and FDA requirements and guidelines relating to hormone replacement including lab testing, possible ICD10 coding for billing or reimbursement of these procedures for patients.
  • Learn the pathology for testosterone deficiency for men and women and the possible benefits of hormone replacement for patients including lab alternatives, pellet alternatives, and combination therapies such as supplements that can be used to enhance patient outcomes.
  • Learn who your patient market as to who is the proper candidate, what is necessary to successfully integrate the pellet procedure as well as product, price and promotion options that can increase patient care and additional revenues related to your practice.
  • Receive all forms, informed consents, and medical intake forms as well as administrative concerns for the physician in offering these new procedures. Understand how these procedures are “cash basis” and how to generate a consistent new source of patients and revenue from integrating this subspecialty within your practice.
  • Understand how to legally and ethically market this new procedure as well as your other regenerative services offered within your practice with specific strategies relating to promotion, packages, and cross selling of other services as part of your practice.

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