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Botox Training


Botox Training course for physicians, Nurses, Dentists and other licensed healthcare professionals.

Botox® has so many different uses and applications that AAOPM physicians have had to continually update the Botox Training course to include many of the advanced Botox techniques not covered at other seminars; their goal is to ensure that attendees will get the most expert training as possible through our Botox classes. Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and other healthcare professionals will learn not only the basic, cosmetic applications of Botox, but you’ll also be taught a myriad of the practical medical uses of Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) which means the potential for additional, new lucrative procedures for your practice.

The 1-Day Botox Course will encompass the most common of the facial areas and popular medical uses for the Botulinum Toxin. The facial areas include all areas of the face including the most popular (3) areas of the upper face where discretion for dosing and injection sites are taught. In addition, you will learn injection sites for the lower 2/3 of the face for such injections as dimpled chin, marionette lines, sad smile, bunny lines, vertical lip rhytids, and platysma bands. The medical protocols include bruxism, hyperhidrosis, tension migraine headaches, and other orofacial pain disorders. 

Injection Male vs Female by Dr Cosentino - AAOPM

Botox Injection for Lateral Canthal Rhytids

Botox Injection for Lateral Canthal Rhytids

Our Botox class will feature sample products from the various medical distributors on site (including the newer Xeomin© and Dysport™) for use during the training, so that you may decide for yourself which of the various types of Botulinum Toxin best suit your practice. Attendees to the Botox training will also become experts in the handling and storage of Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) so that it can be safely stored and administered within your own practice.  

The schedule for the programs on Botox Training, Dermal Filler Training and Facial Aesthetics Training are held over consecutive days, so that you can learn each of these valuable methodologies over one weekend. This program is available to physicians, nurses, dentists, and other licensed healthcare professionals and continuing medical education credits are available through your certification from AAOPM.  

Professional board-certified specialists and additional instructors will be on hand to conduct all Botox® training and education. A favorite instructor to the A.A.O.P.M for over 5 years, William McMunn, DDS, MD, consistently receives excellent evaluations from the attendees due to his proficiency, patience, and understanding shown toward all attendees; he has helped many students achieve proficiency in the new procedures. 

Please note that these are full service Botox classes and encumber all materials (i.e. manuals, forms/consents, medicines, and physician portal access). The Certificate of Completion and Board Certification given to the attendees is contingent upon participants’ administering of Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) on live patients. The key word to remember during this Botox® Certification program is “comprehensive” medical seminar.  

Facial Areas for Botox Injections

Facial Areas for Botox Injections

As far as the Cosmetic Applications to Botox Treatments, nothing is left for you to learn on your own. Every useful clinical pearl that our instructors have encountered in their years in clinical practice will be shared with you. These clinical pearls actually comprise a significant portion of the morning lectures and cover such areas as Male vs. Female differences and treatment options with the FDA Approved Botulinum Toxin products, correcting poor results from another practitioner’s poor technique and other possible adverse results or pre-existing asymmetries, learn how to maximize your treatment results when your patient has budget restraints thus limiting the amount of Botox you can use, learn unique techniques that your patient will remember only you can perform as well as the consultation process for the aesthetic patient. Marketing, pricing and packaging, and other promotion strategies are discussed and given for attendees, learn how to develop patient loyalty to ensure your patient always returns to you, Injection techniques are shown and taught to eliminate discomfort and apprehension in your patient not only returns in 3 months but brings 2 additional friends through a patient referral program. Promotion considerations are given as to how legally, effectively, and consistently attract patients to your practice by offering reward programs, customer appreciation events, or educational open houses VIP patients. Prior attendees have commented that the Botox Training Course is extremely thorough and helped them to immediately begin implementing these new procedures into their practice.  

Botox Training Objectives and Hands-On Training

After successful completion of the Botox Training Program, attendees should receive and become proficient in the following areas:

  1. Identify who is a candidate for the Botox Procedure, be able to explain patient benefits, and potential issues with long-term use of the prescription. Understand the aesthetic consultation process and increase patient awareness and enhanced patient care in relation to the Botox Procedure.
  2. Apply general accepted standards of care for the administration of the botulinum toxin for aesthetic and medical conditions including:
    1. Zones of the Upper Face including Worry Lines (Glabellar Complex), Forehead Traverse Rhytids, Lateral Canthal Rhytids (Crows Feet), Medial and Lateral Eyebrow Shaping.
    2. Lower Face- Excessive Gingival Displays (Gummy Smile), Depressed Corner Commissure, Dimpled Chin, (mentalis), Vertical Lip Rhytids, Bunny Lines, and Hypertrophic Platysma Bands.
    3. Medical uses for Botox including Hyperhidrosis and Bruxism.
  3. Practice injection procedures such as aesthetic botulinum toxins injections competently, safely, and effectively. Each of our attendees will gain a full understanding of possible adverse results and learn how to avoid these risks and complications.
  4. Gain a thorough understanding of basic facial anatomy associated with these injections as well as the mechanism of action to explain probable outcomes for patients. Included within the didactic presentation includes product characteristics, physician versus patient preference, managing expectations, and post procedure instructions, follow up, and managing complications.

Hands-On Training: The 1-Day Botox Training is not a demonstration course but requires attendees to perform these aesthetic procedures on live patients (volunteers). Our Board-Certified Physicians will supervise and direct attendees during the hands-on session and is necessary for your certification. The hands-on portion of the training will commence after the didactic portion of the program and we have allocated a large portion of the program for you to gain the practical knowledge of these injections and improve your injection technique and skills.

Comprehensive Lecture, Course Materials, Training Manual, Treatment Forms

During the morning sessions you will be provided with comprehensive presentations in the evaluation and treatment of the Cosmetic Patient using Cosmetic Botox. These presentations not only prepare you to safely and effectively perform the techniques on your patient but also prepare you to gain the knowledge to pass your board certification examination, if this pathway is desired. You will be provided with extensive didactic training that makes use of written materials you can reference at a later time. This way, physicians, nurses, dentists and other licensed medical professionals who attend our Botox® class will have a firm grounding in both the theoretical background and practical application of Botox.  

Hands-On Training for Botox Injections

Hands-On Training for Botox Injections

Supervised Instruction for Hands-On Botox Training

Supervised Instruction for Hands-On Botox Training

Hands On Live Patient Training

All attendees will receive extensive hands-on, live patient training immediately following the morning sessions of lectures (After Lunch). The afternoon is entirely dedicated to instruction in the actual procedures in order for attendees to perfect their technique. Our instructors begin their teaching by using custom fabricated models that students can use to perfect their technique before injecting on live patients. After these exercises, students will perform a variety of Botox injections on volunteers. Attendees will practice performing such techniques as indicated to treat Forehead Rhytids, Crows Feet, Glabellar Rhytids, Gummy Smile, Sad Smile, Platysmal Bands, axillary injections for volunteers suffering from Hyperhidrosis, and last but not least the ever popular “Liquid Face Lift”. Students complete the training and receive their certification upon satisfactory demonstration of the various techniques and when the attendee has gained a level of confidence as well.  

Physician Administering Botox to Volunteer Patient

Physician Administering Botox to Volunteer Patient

The bulk of your tuition for Botox training is well spent, used to purchase actual, authentic Botulinum Toxin products (i.e Botox®, Xeomin® and DysportTM), as well as other supplies, ensuring each attendee is afforded the opportunity to work on live patients. The A.A.O.P.M (American Academy of Procedural Medicine) is known for our extensive digital resource library which is available to all participants. Attendees will be provided a user name and login to access a variety of administrative forms, videos, and other materials to help you incorporate these new Botulinum Toxin aesthetic services. Following the course study, you will also receive consent forms, before & after photos as well as information for combination treatments which utilize the botulinum toxin with other aesthetic services.

Should you wish to, you may bring along your own test patient (i.e. spouse, colleague, etc) or yourself to receive a free Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) treatment during the hands-on session in the afternoon.  

Create a following of ongoing Botox Patients: This instruction is very complete in the business and marketing applications as well. We review in detail how to price and package the different Botox techniques, how to develop a following of loyal patients, and how to personalize your treatments so your patients to only want to see you for their Botox injection. Our goal is for you not only to develop the confidence and proficiency in performing each Botox procedure but also to fully understand how to develop a large following of loyal patients who will refer their friends and family for additional treatments.  

Join the thousands of physicians who have successfully integrated these easy-to-perform, safe non-surgical aesthetic procedures within their practice. Botulinum Toxin treatments are the foundation of many medical practices to start offering these lucrative cash basis procedures within a practice setting.

Preventing Eye Ptosis by Dr Rebecca Gelber - AAOPM






The American Academy of Procedural Medicine offers Board Certification Pathways for Physicians in Aesthetics, Medicine, Surgery, and Pain Management.

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AAOPM is proud to offer certification courses for physicians and nurses in New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Sam Francisco and many other cities.





Review of the various FDA Approved Botulinum Toxins, Legal and Administrative considerations including Federal and State regulations. Brief overview of the various medical and aesthetic applications of Botulinum Toxin including Approved and Noc-Approved FDA applications.


Understanding the aesthetic patient including needs vs wants, long-term vs. short-term and expected results for the Botox Treatments including full consultation and creating a treatment plan addressing all needs of the aesthetic patients. Understand which injections and techniques will correct patient indications as well as mechanism of action for the correction of dynamic rhytids to the face. Understand the administrative concerns associated with these procedures as well as a review of facial anatomy, dosing charts, and patient charting.




Review of the most common facial areas for correction using Botox including comprehensive dosing schedules and facial charts for injection including patterns of injection. Reviewed areas for treatment include forehead (frontalis), Canthal Rhytids (crows feet), Glabellar Area (worry lines), Bunny Lines, Hypertrophic Mentalis, Upper Lip indications, and perioral areas. Review of standard of care protocols, guidelines, safety, injection techniques and the medical model for incorporation of these procedures.


Review of Medical protocols for Hyperhidrosis for Axillae, hands, and soles of the feet including alternative treatment options. Other medical indications reviewed include Bruxism, and Chronic Migraine Headache protocols. Review suggested dosing and diagnostic and therapeutic options for various orofacial pain disorders and the recommended use of Botulinum Toxin.




Review Medical and Relative Contraindications, Adverse Events, and correction of asymmetries for patients using Botulinum Toxin. Other Advanced injections “Non-FDA, off-label” for mid-arch brow lift, platysmal banding and other patient considerations.




Hands-On Training using small groups with live patients. Attendees are required to complete the hands-on training to achieve certification and to successfully complete the requirements associated with the Botulinum Toxin training.


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