Integrative Pain Management Training in Injections for Joints and Soft Tissues including Tendonopathies and other Sub-Acute Conditions.

It is all too common that primary care physicians and other specialists come across patients suffering from very painful joint and extremity conditions. The brunt of these conditions can be treated easily, in-office, and are easy for physicians to learn and perform. The risk associated with these treatments is minimal, and are often rewarding to both your patients and your practice.

Demonstration of Intra-patellar Injection with P-PRP

Infrapatellar Injection Demonstration during Hands-On Training

We are proud to offer o4ur Joint / Extremity / Non-Spinal Injection Course. This program is to be taken in conjunction with our Advanced Pain Management Training and The Pain Show programs. This specific training workshop will provide you instruction on a wide array of procedures that can be immediately implemented into your practice, such as:

Physicians practicing knee injection on anatomical model

Attendees practice Injection Techniques on Custom Anatomical Model

  • Joint Injections- Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Sacroiliac Joint Injections.
  • Minor Injections- Trigger point injections,
  • Specialty Injections:
    • De Quervain’s
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment options
    • AC Joint
    • Tennis and Pitchers elbow
    • Trigger finger injections
    • Trachanteric bursa
    • Pepatellar bursa
    • Medial and lateral approaches to knee joint
    • Pes bursa injections
Ernest Roman MD reviewing various shoulder injection techniques

AAOPM Physician Faculty marking Shoulder Injection Approaches

Objectives for Joint / Extremities Non-Spinal Injections Training

Upon the successful completion of the Interventional Pain Injection Course for Joint / Extremities, and Non-Spinal class, attendees should be able to perform the following:

  • Evaluate patient conditions, perform functional testing, and review image studies to formulate an initial diagnosis and workup for patients. Identify and communicate results for acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain conditions and discuss treatment options with patients.
  • Observe and perform safely small, medium, and large bursa injections for patients suffering from joint pain indications including HA viscosupplementation for arthritis of the shoulder and knee.
  • Observe and perform safely soft tissue injections (trigger points) for various tendinopathies and pain conditions including referred pain injection points and the prolotherapy (proliferation therapy) injections.
  • Learn the various techniques and injection approaches for a variety of the most common pain pathologies that can be treated with injection therapies (i.e. Golfer’s Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel, and Bursitis for knee, shoulder, foot, and hip).
  • Gain a full understanding of the guidelines and requirements in performing interventional pain management injections including review of ICD-10(s) and CPT Coding of the procedures as well as “cash basis” services for PRP, amniotic products, and other biologics.

DAY 1 - 8:30am–8:45am



Speaker Introduction


Relevance of Interventional Pain Management Injections for the Primary Practice. Overview of and review of Common Pain Diagnosis of various acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain for joints and tendinopathies associated with patients. Classifications of Pain and functional tests for common pain presentations of patients. Introduction to Small, Medium, and Large Bursa Injections including viscosupplementation, Trigger Point Injections for Soft Tissue, and the increasing use of biologics (amniotic products, prp, and umbilical cord blood).


Pain assessment and diagnosis for musculoskeletal disorders, referred neurological pain, myofascial disorders, joints and bursas. Absolute contraindications for treatment, medications utilized in the procedures, possible need for imaging, benefits of image guidance, and other supplies needed to perform these procedures.




Interventional Pain Injections & Viscosupplementation for large joints and bursas. The indications for use of corticoid steroids, anti-inflammatories, and analgesics for the various pain conditions. Detail on the pre and post-treatment requirements, frequency of treatments, and possible adverse events and complications from the procedure. Detailed training in injection techniques and protocols for all major joint injections as well as other standard of care considerations (i.e. contraindications).


Lunch (on your own)


Indications for use of prolotherapy Injections (proliferant therapy), biologics, and neurotoxins for various pain conditions. Review of the various amniotic products, platelet rich plasma, proliferant therapy medications, and mechanism of action. Review the most common types of injections used for non-insurance, cash basis procedure as well as detailed protocols, packaging and pricing, and setting patient expectations.


Trigger Point Injection Training for all body part areas as well as referred pain associated with various soft tissue pain. Review injection techniques, anatomy, and the supplies and medications (i.e. Anti-inflammatory Medications) used for these injections. Detailed protocols for dosing, frequency of treatments, image guidance, and possible complications and adverse events are given. Absolute and relative contraindications for the procedure, pre and post-treatment requirements, and expected outcomes (setting patient expectations) are discussed for each of the injections.




Quick review of Billing & Coding and the requirements for documentation, ICD-10(s) and CPT Billing codes including within the manual. Questions and Answers


Small group breakout into Hands-On Practical Session utilizing anatomical models for the various small, medium, and large joints. Demonstration of injection techniques by Instructors for trigger point injections and general questions and answers concerning the course materials.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a summary of the course agenda. The full course agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to the course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office.

The AAOPM Non-Spinal Injection course reviews in detail trigger point injections, large and small bursa injections as well as specific pain pathologies you will encounter in a practice setting. You will receive protocols, injection diagrams, and review all medications used for the procedures. The course focuses on the “palpatory” approach to the injection therapies and the use of anatomical models for placement. We review in detail all standard of care considerations, billing and coding, and follow-up care needed. Diagnostic injections and functional tests are taught to confirm certain pain pathologies. The hands-on workshop is taught by Board-Certified Physicians who have years of experience in Pain Management and will teach you the “pearls” associated with the injections as well as expectations from administration of the procedures.

Our goal is for you to be successful!

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the procedures themselves, we also provide lessons in procedure pricing and marketing strategies to ensure financial success. These tools have been field tested and implemented in our own practices. Again, the goal is for you to leave the workshop confident in the procedure itself, but also confident that this will be a lucrative opportunity for your practice.

Lateral Knee Injection with Biologics

Paraspinal Trigger Point Injections during Hands-On Session

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