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The American Academy of Procedural Medicine offers Board Certification Pathways in Aesthetics, Medicine, and Pain Management.

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Welcome to the American Academy of Procedural Medicine. As a full-time teaching establishment for the past 16 years, the A.A.O.P.M. has successfully graduated over 45,000 medical practitioners.We are an Educational Organization serving Physicians, Nurses, NPs, PAs, and Dentists, throughout the world by providing education and certification pathways in Procedural Medicine with a focus on helping its members acquire the necessary skills and credentials to be a sought after practitioner.

Our faculty and advisory board are dedicated to the advancement in Procedural Skills by providing quality CME education and certification pathways in Aesthetics, Medicine, Surgery, and Pain Management.

We are NOT just a weekend Botox trainer like you see popping up all over; since 1998 the A.A.O.P.M. has provided the most up to date, innovative information, researched and developed by our team of educators. The A.A.O.P.M is most notable for our “university style” curriculum and focus on complete training in a given specialty.The A.A.O.P.M offers the most comprehensive set of courses for you to chose from with over 23 different workshops offered every weekend throughout the country.AAOPM Staff

A.A.O.P.M. workshops fully prepare your for board certification (if desired) and to be technically skilled to perform the new techniques immediately into your practice.  Like a University, The A.A.O.P.M. continues to research and create new programs and topics to help you expand your knowledge, and the offerings in your practice.  Take a look at our course roster and see what’s new in Medicine and Aesthetics.


The A.A.O.P.M offers hands on workshops just about every weekend in cities throughout the entire United States so you can easily find a program close to home. The program topics we teach are targeted to high demand- high paying, office procedures to help our attendees rapidly increase their income potential.

The A.A.O.P.M also provides the most cost effective method to receive all your training at one low price, our Membership Model remains unmatched in the industry.  Each Membership Package allows you to attend multiple programs over a 2 year term free of charge after paying a nominal fee, refer to pricing above for more details.

A.A.O.P.M course materials have been meticulously developed and created over many years to ensure our attendees have access to the most medically correct and up to date information. Not only do you receive attractive printed material to reference later, but also instructional DVDs, CDs with consent forms, treatment forms, AAOPM Booklet of Seminarsinformation on pricing, packaging and much more.  All A.A.O.P.M. graduates are provided a secure login which grants access to detailed, instructional videos on all topics. These videos are included in your tuition along with your Completion Certification, manuals, all materials such as Botox and Fillers and all other materials.

Upon Successful completion of a program, which includes demonstrating your proficiency of the procedure (if applicable), you will beworkshop-photo-home-2 awarded your Completion Certificate and Certification. Attendees have the option to receive their Certification framed in an attractive wood and frame.AAOPM Certificate of Excellence






The afternoon sessions of an A.A.O.P.M program are dedicated to the “hands on”, clinical component of the training. The A.A.O.P.M has pioneered this type of training since 1998 and has trained over 25,000 physicians and other medical professionals.adv-med-ae-str We believe that learning to perform a procedure is best accomplished through hands on training. Beware of startup companies who offer 1 or 2 programs in Aesthetics. The A.A.O.P.M offers over 23 different programs and topics in Aesthetics, Medicine, Surgery, and Pain Management.





The A.A.O.P.M also provides a service to the general public by verifying all physician members (and other medical professionals) have been “Verified and Credentialed”. Member physicians have passed Oral and Written exams and have demonstrated proficiency in their Certified Specialty. Member physicians may use our Logo, “Verified and Credentialed” on their website. This physician locator is a very effective marketing tool you may use to help patients find your practice. Patients will find useful information about the physician’s credentials and areas of specialty, as well as practice information.

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