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Dermal Filler / Botox 1-day Training


Complete 1-Day “Hands-On” Combined Botox and Dermal Filler Training Course

This is a 1-Day Comprehensive Botox and Dermal Filler Training workshop which is the same as our Saturday Botox Training and Sunday Comprehensive Dermal Fillers Training just combined into one day. The didactic material is unchanged and you receive (2) manuals. This program is very complete with an extensive didactic portion in the morning followed by an entire afternoon reserved for intensive hands on training. This program is designed for physicians, nurses, dentists and other licensed medical professionals.

During our training programs we make sure you understand more than just the basics of these aesthetic procedures. This workshop is very structured with comprehensive lectures in the morning followed by instructional hands on sessions throughout the afternoon. Participants are provided with two (2) training manuals in Botox and Fillers along with supplemental materials, consent form, treatment forms, and written protocols which can all be used as reference tools later on.

In addition to the written protocols of Botox and Fillers, the instructors will provide you with their “pearls” of performing these procedures from their own experiences in practice. Other courses fall short is their failure to provide their students with these necessary “pearls”. Botox and Fillers can be highly profitable for your practice if you understand not only how to perform the procedure, but also are expert at achieving the exact results your patients wants AND understand how to create a branding to your technique so patients will always return to you!

Workshop Photo: Attendee demonstrating Botox Injection Technique

Lateral Canthal Rhytid Injection during Hands-On Session

botox and dermal filler 1 day bundle promotion

Botox and Dermal Filler “Pearls” of Aesthetics

  1. Learn how to get your patients excited and motivated to bring 2 additional friends or family members to their follow up appointments.

  2. Learn each and every technique that your patients can ever ask for. That’s right, Once they are confident you can do it, you will not only retain their patronage every three months for years to come but you will also become that “great person for Botox” or Filler injections. Get ready for plenty of referrals, that’s how Botox and Fillers becomes profitable! The A.A.O.P.M Training course is not just for beginners, experienced injectors will benefit just the same. This course now includes training of every injection technique performed for Botox and Dermal Fillers. Training Instructor

  3. Learn how to correct mistakes and improper technique made by other practitioners. Our course covers the 14 most common mistakes that you need to know about when injecting Botox and Dermal Fillers, and how to correct.
  4. Botox Parties and Special Events will sustain your practice for years to come! Just learn the proper, legal, ethical, and fun way to do it right!

  5. Make sure you thoroughly understand how to treat a male vs. a female patient, there are subtle differences that your patients will assume you know about. Don’t worry, we spend quite a bit of time during lecture and hands on to make sure you are comfortable performing each technique on both male and female patients.

  6. Never overcharge your patients! In fact, let them know you will use the lowest volume of Botox that will achieve the desired results and explain how this gives them the option to return for a touch up if needed. They will know YOU are the practitioner who can always achieve the best results for them at the lowest cost as well.

  7. Teach all new patients who are unfamiliar with Botox and Dermal Fillers everything you are doing. Let them see your documentation and your treatment form that illustrates the anatomy of their face. Once they see that you have documented the exact locations and doses that will achieve the maximal results at the lowest cost, you will keep that patient for life!

  8. Botox and Dermal Fillers must be a safe addition to your practice. Unfortunately there are many practitioners who are either improperly trained or lack the technical proficiency to perform these techniques effectively and safely. At an A.A.O.P.M program, attendees will not receive their certification unless they have demonstrated proficiency in the various techniques. Through our combination of intensive lecture and hands on training, attendees will gain a level of confidence that will help them safely integrate these new procedures into their practice.  
Physician Instructor Supervising Botox Injections of Attendee

Physician Instructor supervising Botox Frontalis Injection

Workshop Photo: Physician injecting HA Dermal Filler for Naso-labial folds

Nasolabial Fold Filler Injection during Hands-On Training

Education and Resource Center

During the workshop, attendees will be provided with their private login to the A.A.O.P.M Education and Resource Center which provides you access to a wealth of information such as procedure videos, training materials, consent forms, treatment forms, before/ after photos for your practice, pricing schedules, and much more. Our instructors make sure you also understand the “Pearls” of performing these procedures from their own years of performing aesthetics. Our instructors are physicians and specialists in Aesthetics, not nurses.

Dr. Ivan Rusilko reviewing HA Dermal Filler Treatment Plan with Physician

Patient Evaluation and Pre-planning for Filler Injections

The A.A.O.P.M has provided aesthetic training for physicians and other medical professionals for over 15 years and has successfully trained over 30,000 individuals. Beware of companies with similar claims. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The A.A.O.P.M provides these workshops just about every weekend all over the United States as well as Asia and South America.

Botox® injections remain the #1 nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed with over 40 million injections performed worldwide on an annual basis. If your present patient population (active charts) total over 1,000, this can translate to over $90-$130k per year annually based upon the percentage of people receiving Botox®. The procedures are easily learned and can be incorporated immediately to your existing practice. We teach all of the facial injections both on-label and off-label applications and give you the standard of care needed to integrate this new procedure in your practice by supplying all intake forms, brochures, and ancillary information for staff and patients. There are close to 100 different uses for Botox® and most are not taught in the majority of courses and seminars given throughout the USA.  

Learn More About the Course

Advanced procedures continue to change. During your Botox® training course you will learn the most updated techniques with professional guidance. You will learn both upper and lower face techniques:

  1. Face (above Midline)- Glabellar Wrinkles (rhytids), Frontalis rhytids, Lateral Rhytids (Crows Feet), Chemical Brow Lift (Lateral and Central eyebrow Lift).
  2. Face (below midline)- Smile with excessive gums showing (gummy type smile), sad smile, (depressor muscles-anguli oris), granular (or dimpled) chin, (muscle-mentalis), bunny rhytids, vertical lip rhytids, Soften nasolabial folds (zygomatic muscles), neck lines, (platysmal Rhytids).
  3. Medical Protocols for Neck and Cervical dystonia, Protocols for TMJ and protocols for Migraines are part of the course material, i.e. CD. (also included in the CD are consent and treatment forms.
  4. Training in Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis treatment) is also included. This very simple to perform, highly effective technique is highly lucrative and is a great procedure to include in your practice.
  5. Understand the proper storage, dosing, reconstituting and shelf life of Botulinum Toxin.
  6. Understand and Master certain business and marketing techniques to financially grow your practice.

Botox injections are safe and effective and is increasing annually even in a bad or poor economy. The outlook and forecast for this market to continue to grow is strong, the introduction of Xeomin™ and the soon to be released “Purtox” by Johnson & Johnson is creating a price reduction and increased consumer awareness of the product.

Competition to Botox will allow more consumers to afford these procedures and the media blitz associated with these new products will further educate consumers as to the benefits, safety, and effectiveness of Botox and Botox-like products.  

Board Certified Instructor Supervising HA Filler Injection by attending Phyisician

Personalized Instruction of Marionette Lines HA Injection

Botox® Injection and Dermal Filler Training

Small Group Breakout Hands-On Session for HA Dermal Filler Injections

Attendee performing HA Nasolabial Fold Injection

This program will provide you with the opportunity to use real Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) products on live patients. A significant part of your tuition is used to purchase all the necessary supplies, as well as the actual Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) injectable so that each attendee will have the ability to use these supplies during the training. You can even bring along a test patient, such as your spouse or office manager, who may like to receive a free Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) treatment.

Physicians, nurses, dentists and other licensed medical professionals will become proficient in the handling, storage, and medical/aesthetic use of Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) like products. These Botox training courses are designed to help you fully understand AND become comfortable performing the new procedure, after leaving the event. In addition to the confidence you will gain performing each new procedure; you will also receive business training so you’ll have the tools to become financially successful with each new service.

Dr. Consentino Explains How To Inject Crows Feet

Dr. Rebecca Gelber – Pearls On Injecting The Lips

This dermal filler training workshop includes many of the advanced techniques in addition to the basic, every day procedures you will use in practice for soft tissue augmentation using dermal fillers including:

  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette Lines
  • Submalar Hollow
  • Lip Augmentation (portrayal and plumping)
  • Tear Trough (eye hollow)
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Pre-jowl sulcus injections
  • Other Specialty Injections (i.e. hands) …

Each Training session in Botox and Dermal Fillers will expand on the art and science of both Botox and Dermal Fillers. Just like our other Botox and Dermal Filler training programs, this is not a demonstration only course. Attendees will be required to administer both Botox and Dermal Filler on live patients in order to receive their Certification.  

Botox / Fillers 1-Day Course - Agenda

time description
8:30am–9:00am Registration.

Speaker Introduction, Market Size, Benefits to Patients, and viability of offering Fat Grafting Procedures in your medical practice. Product characteristics of the (3) FDA Approved Botulinum Toxin Products. Current FDA Approved applications for Botulinum Toxin for cosmetic and medical purposes.


Consultation with patients, communicating expected results, combination treatments, and creating an aesthetic plan for patients. Review proper storage options, mechanism of action, and constitution of the botulinum toxin. Injection techniques, safety considerations, marked patient areas of injection, dosing considerations, and other patient considerations for correction.



10:15am–11:30am Review of Facial anatomy, possible areas of injection of the botulinum toxin, functional tests for placement, areas of adherence, suggested dosing volumes, and common injection schemes: Upper Face including traverse forehead lines, crow’s feet (Lateral Canthal Rhytids), and Glabellar area. Lower Face including Platysma/Neck, Dimpled Chin, Bunny Lines, Vertical Lip Lines, and corner commissure injections. Approved FDA Applications for Hyperhidrosis including insurance requirements, expected revenue and cash basis possible protocols.

Review possible Contraindications, drug interactions, as well as correction of possible patient asymmetries and complications associated with the procedure including the need for touch-ups.

12:00pm–1:00pm Lunch (on your own)

Review pertinent anatomy of the Face including facial vasculature, skin dynamics, process of aging in the facial regions, and approach to the soften and rejuvenate the aging face. Discussion of the FDA Approved HA and Non-HA dermal fillers used for correction and augmentation procedures of the face. G-Prime (viscoelasticity) bio-degradability, semi-permanence, and synthetic permanent dermal fillers available.




Dermal Filler Injection Techniques to correct the common aging indications of the face (i.e. linear threading, cross hatching, bolus injection). Review specific injection patterns, protocols, and treatment guidelines for the following facial areas: Nasolabial Folds, Lip Definition, Pre-jowl Sulcus, Marionette Lines, Lip Plumping and review of cheek augmentation procedures. Anesthesia Options for dermal filler injections including Topicals BLT, Infiltrating Lidocaine within the syringes, or the option of performing facial blocks (i.e. Infraorbital and Mental Foramen). Complications, adverse events, areas of adherence, and safety considerations in performing Dermal Filler Injections.


Hands-On training with small groups administering the botulinum toxin and HA dermal fillers on patients. Attendees will need to show proficiency during the injections and techniques in delivering the injections for certification of the procedures.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a summary of the course agenda. The full course agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to the course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office.






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