Zhexiang Li, MD

Zhexiang Li, MD Zhexiang Li, MD

Zhexiang Li, MD

Florham Park, New Jersey

About Zhexiang Li, MD

Dr. Li expanded her private Internal Medicine practice by adding a Medical Weight Loss program in 2006. She is a board certified Bariatric Medicine physician, who completed extensive accredited training. Dr. Li specializes in the medical treatment of overweight, obesity and associated conditions. She addresses the weight patient with a comprehensive program of diet and nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and when, indicated, a prescription for appetite suppressants and /or other appropriated medications. Dr. Li’s treatment can also include acupuncture treatment, if desired.

Soon after completing her residency in Internal Medicine at Morristown Memorial Hospital, in Morristown, NJ in 2001, Dr. Li became board certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Li received her MD from Hunan Medical University in China in 1990. She also became accredited in Medical Acupuncture, after completing the Training for Physicians program, of the Helms Medical Institute at UCLA, California in 2003.

With a passion with weight management, Dr. Li is committed to helping her weight patients reach their weight loss goal and improve their overall well-being.

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