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Mesotherapy Training for the Face

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Mesotherapy has become increasingly popular, because of its less invasive procedure, as well as simple and painless methods of administration. Additionally, Mesotherapy is a highly lucrative procedure with an average cost of $3,500 per patient.

Dr. Jonelle Crichton's Review

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Our Mesotherapy Training course will provide you with the education and skills required to make this a worthy addition to your practice. This comprehensive course will cover the latest advancements in Mesotherapy using cellulite reduction treatments and technology. Our instructors consist of Board Certified specialists who offer you valuable educational information.

Through this course you will be given extensive training in the following areas:

  • Mesotherapy candidate selection criteria
  • Traditional Mesotherapy injection
  • Non-invasive Delivery Systems, which include needleless Mesotherapy and RF Thermal options
  • Compounds and Formulas
  • Applications of Mesotherapy

The Mesotherapy Training course will show you how this procedure can be used along with other procedures, such as lipo-surgery, as well as the latest innovations, such as RF-Thermal technologies. This course will instruct you how to determine whether your patients are proper candidates for Mesotherapy, and who should receive this treatment option.

We will provide you with extensive resources and materials within the Mesotherapy Training course, ensuring that you are fully equipped to integrate this procedure into your practice. Procedural photos, consent forms, and an in-depth manual detailing treatments and solutions for individual cases are some of the many valuable resources you will come away with upon completing this course.

Once certification and completion of the Mesotherapy Training course is achieved, you can successfully and confidently administer injections on live patient volunteers.


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