Joint / Extremity / Non-Spinal Injection Course


Testimonial by Randy Gould, D.O.

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It is all too common that primary care physicians and other specialists come across patients suffering from very painful joint and extremity conditions. The brunt of these conditions can be treated easily, in-office, and are easy for physicians to learn and perform. The risk associated with these treatments is minimal, and are often rewarding to both your patients and your practice.

Non-spinal Joint PainWe are proud to offer our Joint / Extremity / Non-Spinal Injection Course. This program is to be taken in conjunction with our Advanced Pain Management Training and The Pain Show programs. This specific training workshop will provide you instruction on a wide array of procedures that can be immediately implemented into your practice, such as:

  • Joint Injections- Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Sacroiliac Joint Injections.
  • Minor Injections- Trigger point injections,
  • Specialty Injections:
    • De Quervain’s
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment options
    • AC Joint
    • Tennis and Pitchers elbow
    • Trigger finger injections
    • Trachanteric bursa
    • Pepatellar bursa
    • Medial and lateral approaches to knee joint
    • Pes bursa injections

Pain Injection Course TrainingWe also place a strong emphasis on spinal injections during the training, such as facet joint and epidural injections, with use of fluoroscopic guidance in needle localization. Aside from learning about the different conditions and techniques used to treat them, you will also learn protocols, medications, side effects, precaution techniques, as well as patient selection and criteria.

Complimenting the lecture component of the program is the actual hands-on portion of the training. Working closely with our team of board-certified instructors, attendees will work on live volunteers as well as custom-fitted models to become proficient in the various taught techniques.

We are also proud to offer a specific component to address all business and marketing components. Learn about detailed coding and billing parameters necessary for insurance carries and Medicare. As with all of our training seminars, the Joint and Extremity Injection Training Course aims to get you proficient in these procedures and quickly and effectively implement them into your practice.

Pain Injection WorkshopOur goal is for you to be successful.

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the procedures themselves, we also provide lessons in procedure pricing and marketing strategies to ensure financial success. These tools have been field tested and implemented in our own practices. Again, the goal is for you to leave the workshop confident in the procedure itself, but also confident that this will be a lucrative opportunity for your practice.

Our business training can also be found online, via special Training Webinars, which can be completed prior to or subsequently to the workshop. Be sure to check the schedule on our website for upcoming dates.

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Course Dates & Locations




9:00am- -9:45am
Background and Overview of Course
Pain Diagnosis of Common Body Areas
Identifying & Classification of Joint Pain
Joint Injections by Body Part Area
Soft Tissue (Trigger Point) Injections
Prolotherapy & Viscosupplementation
Billing & Coding

9:45am- -11:00am
Common Pain Modalities by Body Part Area
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Myofacial Disorders
Referred Pain
Pain Assessment & Diagnosis

11:00am- -11:15am

11:15am- -12:30am
Joint Injections & Viscosupplementation
Joints & Bursas
Supplies & Medicines including dosing
Pre and Post Procedure Requirements

12:30pm–1:30 pm

Prolotherapy Injections
Review of most Common Injections (Non-Spinal)
Review of Medications
Platelet Rich Plasma
Indications for Use

2:15pm- -3:15pm
Trigger Point Injections
Supplies & Medicines including dosing
Pre and Post Procedure Requirements

3:15pm- -3:30pm

3:30pm- -4:00pm
Billing & Coding
Documentation Requirements
Other Administrative Considerations

4:00pm- -5:00pm
Hands-On Practical Session
Anatomical Models
General Question & Answer Session