How Health Care Reform Increase Expenses for Doctor

While healthcare reform aims to lower expenses for patients and increase accessibility to medical care, doctors are taking the brunt end of the deal. Doctors are expected to tackle more paperwork, a surge of new patients, and lower compensation. Three out of four doctors in an Athenahealth and Semo survey say they are nervous about the future of medicine.

Yet, not all fields of medicine are nearly as impacted as family doctors. Many are turning to aesthetic training, like Botox courses, to supplement income due to lower taxation on some medical devices. Others are turning to similar nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. This infographic outlines the impact healthcare reform is having on doctors and how some are combatting the changes.

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<img src= /> <br><a href= title=”Health Care Reform Hurting Doctors” width=”550″> Increasing Expenses For Doctors Due to Health Care Reform</a>


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