Gary Butka, MD

Gary Butka, MD Gary Butka, MD

Gary Butka, MD

About Gary Butka, MD

Doctor Butka has a broad background in both experience and education. Dr. Butka’s undergraduate studies were completed in California with a major in German and a minor in chemistry. He also studied in Japan and taught English to Japanese students. Other studies were done in Austria focusing on German, music, theology, and philosophy.
Dr. Butka speaks Spanish, German, and Japanese fluently. He also knows smatterings of Hungarian, Czech, Italian, French, and Korean.
His medical studies were done in Mexico City and San Luis Potosi. While in Mexico, he developed a deep interest in infectious diseases and problems of the skin.
Internal Medicine knowledge was gained at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, Michigan. His last year there was as chief resident. A subspecialty in infectious dieseases was completed at Wayne State University.
Dr. Butka has practiced in Brownwood for twenty five years both as a specialist in internal medicine and as a consultant in infectious disease. He has always maintained an interest in diseases of the skin.
While in Brownwood, the family has grown now including his wife, Mary Ellen, and daughters Natalie, and “the triplets”-Alecsandra, Sofia, and Brooklyn.

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