Please explain the general format of how you do the training

For most of Aesthetic workshop and other programs, lecture is in the morning, this is the “Didactic” portion of the training, we go over patient selection criteria, side effects, all the protocols, how to perform the procedure, we go over all the pricing (if a Medicare paid procedure, i.e. Pain Management or Dermatology, we go over the “Billing and Coding” so that you understand how to bill using correct “medical necessity” guidelines. If a cash procedure then, we go over all the pricing and packaging so you know how to integrate into your practice. After lunch, we begin the hands on portion of the training, very extensive, there is no set amount of Patients to inject on, you basically practice your injections until you feel comfortable with the procedure.

Can I bring a volunteer?

You may bring a volunteer if you like. We normally give the attendees first opportunity when it comes to receiving a procedure like a facial or something like that. By all means bring a friend or colleague, but please understand we may not have the opportunity to work on everyone you bring to the program. Remember, this is a training seminar, not a treatment seminar. Its best to let us know if advance so we are more prepared for any guest you bring in.

Do you have models for each of the aesthetic courses or do I need to bring a volunteer?

We have models; you do not need to bring a model. Many attendees ask if they can bring their husband or wife or friend, and you are welcome to do that but we don’t really need you to.

What time do we begin the hands on portion of the training?

With Botox Training, we normally begin in the early afternoon around 1:30pm. Most aesthetic training programs follow the same format. Depending on the group size we may begin a little earlier or later. We Normally follow the agenda very closely; however, if there is a higher than usual amount of questions, this time may be adjusted. AAOPM has been training now for over 17 years and we are accustomed to following a tight schedule.

Are there doctors teaching the programs?

Yes, doctors teach all the programs along with specialists in all fields of medicine. We also have support staff at all programs to assist with all administrative tasks, such as your certificates, your board certification pathway (if selected), and much more. We also have Business people who teach our marketing programs.

What is the difference between the Botox Training, Dermal Filler Training, and Advanced Aesthetics Training Courses?

  1. Botox Training- both the Botox and Dermal Fillers Training is very comprehensive will lots of hands on training, in fact you don’t even need additional training after that. The program is intended to be a complete course designed so that you can immediately go back into your practice and begin performing these techniques.
  2. Dermal Filler Training- same.
  3. Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training- At the advanced aesthetics program you will learn advanced techniques in Botox and Dermal Fillers as well as techniques in chemical peels that are simple to learn and very effective and commonly performed in Aesthetics. We also present the most important parts of the cosmetic laser training in this workshop.

Is the Advanced Aesthetic Training program hands on?

There is mostly lecture with some hands on and demonstrations performed. When you get to this level you will already have a proficiency with handling the syringe and the needle so you really need more of an understanding of the new techniques, but there is still some hands on and definitely demonstrations.

How many procedures may I perform during the hands on portion of the training?

We do not have a set limit on the amount of the procedures you may perform. We understand that attendees are coming to learn a procedure and we all learn at different rates. Generally speaking, you can practice for as long as you need. Our instructors will , often times, stay until 8pm working with students making sure they are comfortable with the new procedure they are learning. We do limit the amount of Dermal Filler because of the cost. Generally, students typically inject 1-2 syringes per class.

Explain the Liposuction Training

To begin, it is a 2 day preceptorship. Its scheduled every month but this is a preceptorship which needs to be scheduled in advance. Its (2) days, you work one on one with our plastic surgeon and you will work on 2 cases. There is lecture in the morning and surgeries in the afternoon. There is limited hands on depending on your skill level as well as the comfort level the instructor has with you.

Is your Anti Aging Training Hands On?

The Anti Aging course is basically a seminar. There is nothing to provide as relates to hands on. The course is very intensive and the instructor, Anne Roberts, MD is exceptional at presenting the course material.

Can you explain a little about your Weight Management  training program?

Sure, the Weight Management workshop is also comprehensive and covers everything in Weight Management Medicine, not just Weight Management. Dr. Roberts will teach all the protocols to safely prescribe Weight Management. She will also go into quite a bit of detail so you can effectively set up your own weight loss center. Dr Roberts is a favorite instructor of AAOPM not only because of her great teaching skills but also because of her outstanding credentials from Yale and Johns Hopkins.