Dermatology Procedure for the Primary Care Practice


Alicia Almendral, MD - New York

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Primary care physicians should consider applying dermatology procedures to their practice. Instead of referring patients elsewhere, physicians with the right training are able add dermatology treatments to their existing practice. It is more convenient for the patient and more financially convenient for the physician. The Dermatology training program offers hands-on training so that attendees are able to comfortably start treating their patients upon completion of the program. Similar to our other aesthetic courses, this program is designated for medical professionals seeking to enhance their practice and earn extra income. There are new methods pertaining to dermatological procedures that help foster quicker dermatology evaluation and treatment with little scarring. By attending this program, you will learn to apply these procedures and gain the satisfaction of your patients.

Course Overview

The course goes over treatments and techniques such as cryosurgery, modern electro-surgery, biopsy techniques and basic suturing principles. Attendees will also be taught how to treat lipomas, seborrheics, basal cell and squamous cell cancers, melanomas, ingrown toenails, warts, cysts, actinic, skin tags, chalazions, abscesses, rashes and many other dermatological disorders. Physicians that attend the program will receive an all-around dermatology training covering a variety of issues that are commonly seen among those suffering from skin disorders. The equipment used to treat these ailments is affordable, which makes this procedure a favorable addition to any existing practice.

Dermatology Course Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, physicians should leave feeling confident in the procedures by applying what they learned during their hands-on training. They should know how to recognize skin disorders and prescribe the necessary treatment, properly use equipment for each procedure and effectively market their newly acquired practice so that they are able to successfully provide service to their existing clients as well as new clients.

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