Cosmetic Laser Training Courses and Certification


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Cutting-edge cosmetic laser technologies provide treatment for a wide variety of medical and cosmetic conditions, such as hair removal, skin restoration and rejuvenation, acne treatment, sclerotherapy venous treatment, and tattoo removal, to name a few. Many of these procedures are in high demand from patients, and will provide large capital gains for your practice.

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The inclusion of these Cosmetic Laser Training Courses and Certification as part of the growing collection of workshops is part os AAOPM’s commitment to widening Board Certification pathways for the many talented medical practitioners looking for suplemental income. We will provide you education on the science of these laser treatments, as well as provide you training in an expansive array of procedures over our two day comprehensive workshop.

Highly reputable and board-certified faculty of plastic surgeons and specialists will be on site to conduct training in the use of these cosmetic lasers. In addition to our esteemed medical and aesthetic staff, representatives from the top tier laser manufacturers will be present to discuss the mechanics and physics of their lasers, the benefits to using one over another, and laser treatment modalities.

Discover the applications and gain proficiency in multitude of laser technologies, including

  • diode lasers
  • iPL, YAGlasers
  • cellulite reduction & lipo lasers
  • IR/Radiofrequency skin tightening
  • fractional lasers/fractional CO2 lasers
  • sub-ablative RF lasers.

We will provide instruction on the operation, maintenance, and safety procedures of these machines, as well as discuss selection criteria for your practice’s specific needs. Learn how to assess your patients’ wants and determine which treatment is appropriate for a given condition.

Only the top-level manufacturers will be on site, with proven technologies. Please note, however, that the AAOPM has no particular affiliations with said manufacturers; rather we present you with all of the best options for you to make an informed choice for yourself, based on the needs of your practice. We will be on hand to answer any and all questions about obtaining these lasers, such as leasing and pre-owned options.

Not only will you be provided with the comprehensive understanding of laser technologies and their applications, we will conduct a marketing and business strategies component of the workshop. Our aim is to get you to understand how to properly implement these services into your practice, along with how to market them to your clientele, create strategic alliances, and read market trends.

Our goal is for you to be successful.
In addition to learning the ins and outs of the procedures themselves, we also provide lessons in procedure pricing and marketing strategies to ensure financial success. These tools have been field tested and implemented in our own practices. Again, the goal is for you to leave the workshop confident in the procedure itself, but also confident that this will be a lucrative opportunity for your practice.
Our business training can also be found online, via special Training Webinars, which can be completed prior to or subsequently to the workshop. Be sure to check the schedule on our website for upcoming dates.

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