• How to avoid getting bad results with Dermal Fillers

    Going to a quality Dermal Filler training program will certainly help you learn correct technique in injecting Dermal Fillers and avoid getting bad results. There are still medical professionals who will try to learn these and other techniques on their own by using a textbook or just following the old medical school theory “see one, […]

  • The AAOPM Botox Training courses will teach you the details of Pricing, Packaging, Marketing, and how to make money in Aesthetics!

    It is important to attend a quality botox training program not just to learn the actual procedure but also to learn how to earn additional cash income as well. Classes such as those taught by the American Academy of Procedural Medicine give you specific instructions on how to earn revenue using Botox or other cosmetic […]

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  • The Top 5 Aesthetic Procedures to start offering in your practice

    Botox Training along with other aesthetic procedural training has been in high demand. Physicians and other medical professionals want to add cash procedures to their practices and find Botox Training the best place to start. While this is true, many practitioners fall short because they limit their offerings to only Botox injections in their practices […]

  • Learn to differentiate yourself by attending a Botox Training Workshop

    Aesthetics has become one of the most competitive services now offered by Primary Care Practitioners throughout the United States. Learning how to differentiate yourself will be the most important deciding factor in your success. Attending a comprehensive Botox Training program will help you learn specific qualities that you can utilize as your “unique selling point” […]

  • How to Market your Practice after attending a Botox Training program

    2013 will be the year more and more physicians and health care professionals worldwide will be adding new Botox and other Aesthetic procedures to their practices. Most will begin their newly found career by attending a Botox Training program followed by other aesthetic procedural training. Becoming successful in performing Botox procedure involves more than learning […]

  • How to correct common Botox Treatment mistakes

    Becoming proficient at learning to perform Botox injections at a Botox Training workshop involves more than just learning to perform correct procedure. A skilled practitioner in Aesthetics will know how to correct the mistakes of others. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by practitioners who perform Botox injections and which are all […]

  • Create a unique practice through Aesthetic Training

    More and more physicians each year are attending Aesthetic Training programs throughout the United States to create that competitive advantage in their practice. Primary Care Physicians of all specialties are feeling the effects of Obamacare and a weakening health care system. Adding cash procedures is a certain way to counter the dramatic changes we have […]

  • Become Board Certified in Botox, improve your credentials!

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