• Breakthroughs in Sexual Dysfunction

    Sexual Dysfunction Training
    Sexual Dysfunction Treatment for the Primary Care Specialist
    How do your patients communicate their complaints regarding their sexual health and well being? What are they saying to you about what they want from sex? Typically people are looking for some combination of pleasure coupled with intimacy, and are energized to learn about treatment alternatives […]

  • Concepts in Pain Management

    Utilizing Physical Therapy for the Management of Lower Back Pain
    There has been a major change in the extended pain management for lower back pain injuries and new modalities for the prevention of lower lumbar pain as it relates to prescribing physical therapy. Lower back pain in the United States has an annual healthcare cost of […]

  • Why Learn Advanced Injection Techniques?

    Simple-to-Perform Advanced Procedures
    Performing advanced aesthetic and medical procedures will allow you to retain more patients in-house without having these patients go elsewhere. Learning to perform specialty Botox® injections and being able to perform various advanced dermal filler injections will show your proficiency in performing both of these procedures. Do not limit your revenue […]

  • How to work on your first set of new Botox Patients

    At AAOPM, we recommend a slightly different technique and teach this approach at all our Botox Training workshops.
    To start, make sure you thoroughly understand the correct dosages and applications for all procedures you learn in Botox treatments. This will help you later when you are required to begin using the correct dosages on your patients. […]

  • PRP for Pain Management

    Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) has gained popularity over the last decade as a means of facial rejuvenation. Initially used for surgical patients, the treatment evolved into a highly sensational means of facial rejuvenation and now it shows signs of being able to relieve acute and chronic pain in cases of Osteoarthritis, Chronic Plantar Fasciitis, […]

  • Getting certified in aesthetics

    If you are a physician that wishes to add a new skill to your repertoire, consider getting trained in cosmetic aesthetics.  A board certified physician in cosmetic aesthetics has the ability to add more cash based services to their practice and increase revenue, and being board certified by AAOPM supplies them with the credentials that […]

  • Dermal Fillers Can Reverse Aging Process

    Dermal fillers have been known to reduce the signs of wrinkles and give patients a more youthful appearance, and new studies show they can actually slow the aging process. The study, published in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, shows that dermal fillers influence the behavior of surrounding tissues. With so many baby boomers hitting their […]

  • Learning Aesthetics- Where do I Begin?

    Aesthetics has become a service in very high demand by patients probably because of the advanced techniques and favorable results that can be obtained. This demand coupled with the financial return physicians can expect, has made going to an Aesthetic Training program more popular than ever before.
    Many physicians and other medical professionals randomly begin their […]

  • Survey Shows Experience and Credentials Influence Patient’s Decision to Undergo Cosmetic Procedures

    A survey released by the American Society for Dermatological Surgery (ASDS) shows that women interested in cosmetic aesthetics are influenced by certain factors.  These factors represent a growing trend towards consumers educating themselves before attempting any new cosmetic surgeries.  With online resources such as WebMD, we can only expect patients to have are more educated, […]

  • Why is it Important to be Board Certified?

    Offering additional services such as Botox or Pain Management Treatments in your practice can be a great way to increase profits and add extra cash to your business. The first thing you must ask yourself is, “is it worth it?”. Every business require investment and money, so the trick is learning where to invest, and […]