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Integrative medicine (aka regenerative medicine) and the concept of evidence-based Anti-Aging medicine is fast becoming the future of medicine and is easily integrated into your family or internal medical practice. During the Anti Aging training workshop offered by the A.A.O.P.M, you will learn the most popular integrative medical topics to help you recognize, diagnose and treat patients suffering from a variety of chronic ailments where conventional medicine has failed. This is a comprehensive certification program that will thoroughly prepare the attendee to successfully integrate Anti-Aging Medicine into their existing practice. The total market within the United States, as it relates to Anti-Aging medicine, is estimated to be over $15B.

Our seminars are taught by board-certified physician experts in Anti-Aging medicine. Anne Roberts, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine and has extensive experience in her field. Her credentials include receiving her medical degree and training from Johns Hopkins, Yale University and the Mayo Clinic. Attendees (please watch videos) have commented that Dr. Roberts is a dynamic instructor, and very patient, to ensure that students thoroughly understand the protocols presented.

Integrative Medical TrainingThroughout the aging process, our internal systems and body chemistry change, and we develop certain imbalances and deficiencies, which in the past we would explain away as caused by life changes and genetics.  Today we are able to review these various primary and secondary hormones, through testing and systems reviews, and to develop an effective personalized treatment plan that reverses these chronic conditions.

Anti Aging WorkshopAnti-Aging medicine is an extension of preventive health care. If you are testing your patients’ cholesterol, or prescribing lipid-lowering drugs, melatonin or DHEA, or suggesting a mammogram, you are already involved in certain aspects of Anti-Aging medicine. It is estimated that more than 90% of all adult illness is due to the generative processes of aging, which may be corrected or improved by the addition of supplements, detoxification and hormonal correction.

Anti-Aging is a relatively new field of medicine, where natural approaches and lifestyle changes are used, in conjunction with traditional medicine, where applicable, to give relief to a variety of conditions.

During the Anti-Aging training seminar, you will understand how to analyze, test, evaluate and treat numerous chronic conditions you are presented with, each day. Attendees will be evaluated, and, upon successful demonstration of certain criteria, will be awarded A.A.O.P.M’s certification certificate.

Conditions that are related to abnormal hormonal levels:

  1. Sleep Apnea, Insomnia and other sleeping disorders
  2. CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Morning/ Evening fatigue and related disorders
  3. Cortisol Testing and evaluation
  4. Menopause and associated symptoms
    1. Irregularities with menstruation
    2. Pre- and post-menopausal symptoms, such as night sweats, depression and mood changes
    3. Thyroid conditions, as well as glandular problems
    4. Additional common symptoms, such as night sweats
    5. Uterine abnormalities, such as fibroids
    6. Ovarian cystic disease, and associated problems and symptoms
    7. Loss of libido, as well as sexual dysfunction
    8. Infertility
  5. Anxiety
  6. Male Andropause Symptoms (i.e. low libido, fatigue, depression)
  7. Bone Loss and specific testing/treatment (Osteopenia and Osteoperosis)
  8. Hormonal issues, as they relate to the inability to lose weight or gain weight
  9. Medical and hormonal influences for hair loss
  10. Fibromyalgia

Learn Evidence Based Anti Aging Medicine and Regenerative Medicine

With AAOPM’s Anti-Aging medical training you will now be able to offer patients a personalized, healthy approach to looking and feeling great. Medical Science has seen the most noticeable advancements in these areas, in recent years, and the clinical data is constantly being updated and yielding significant results. Our program is evidence-based, and thoroughly goes over the latest necessary standards of care, medical protocols and testing, so that you will be able to utilize and seamlessly integrate this field of medicine within your clinical practice.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Training

After course completion, attendees will gain the following knowledge and skill set:

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapies

  1. Understand how to thoroughly evaluate new patients and create a personalized treatment plan.
  2. Understand how to replace estrogen (estrodiol) and testosterone, utilizing pellet therapy for males, and for post-menopausal women, as well as the various delivery mechanisms available for the primary and secondary hormones.
  3. Learn the specific medical conditions that are directly responsible for a variety of conditions that lead to poor health. Learn how to approach each condition with a specific plan, catered to your patient.
  4. Understand the purpose of the various “second tier” types of hormones affecting the patient suffering from these suspected hormone deficiencies and/or chronic conditions. Learn the latest in the various secretagogues, and other natural supplements, to allow for a natural response to such common conditions as low hgh.
  5. Understand the anatomy, as well as the physiology involved in anti-aging medicine, and understand the cause and effect when these properties are altered. Learn how to properly evaluate male vs. female patients and how their treatment plans differ.
  6. Learn to correctly prescribe and interpret hormone test results, and render a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.
  7. Learn about the latest trends in regenerative medicine, including in-depth review and application of platelet-enriched plasma (PRP) therapies, and the latest in stem cell studies that are being incorporated in and which are on the horizon for treatment care.
  8. Understand the specific strategies of Hormone Replacement Therapy, as it relates to patients already on hormone therapies (taper), and for those deficiencies which require a treatment protocol for replacement.
  9. Receive training on how to integrate and further develop a profitable anti-aging practice. Receive practical marketing and sales information from physicians and business faculty who have real experience in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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