Alina Lopo, M.S. Ph.D.

Alina Lopo, MS, PhD Alina Lopo, MS, PhD

Alina Lopo, M.S. P.h.D.

Tarzana, California

About Alina Lopo, M.S. P.h.D.

Dr. Alina Lopo was born in Cuba. When she was nine years old her family was forced to leave their home because of the establishment of a repressive Communist regime, and they settled in Florida. Like many immigrants, Dr. Lopo’s family was very supportive of pursuing education, and she attended the University of Miami, where she received a B.S. in biology and chemistry and an M.S. in biology. Dr. Lopo obtained her Ph.D. in cell, molecular and developmental biology at University of California, Davis. After years of teaching and research, Dr. Lopo attended the UCLA School of Medicine graduating in 1994.

Dr. Lopo has married her expertise in molecular and cell biology with her medical knowledge, to produce a unique and rejuvenating line of unmatched skin care products. Dr. Lopo has personally chosen and tested every product. She takes that same unique “one to one” personal approach to all her clients. All products contain ingredients that have been research and clinically proven, in the quantity necessary to have a positive effect.

Dr. Lopo’s products focus on combining skin health from the outside in, with skin health from the inside out. She integrates a complete spectrum of vitamins and supplements that have been demonstrated to improve skin health as well as overall health into her comprehensive program. Recently, Dr. Lopo’s SkinSolutions was nominated as Best of LA Skin Care for 2010.

Dr. Lopo has been an invited guest lecturer and authored numerous research articles over the years while earning many honors and awards. She was elected as a Fellow to the American College of Physicians in 2006 and chairs the Committee on Pharmacology and Therapeutics and the Committee on Bioethics at Providence Tarzana Medical Center.

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