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Botox® Training- Forehead Injections

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Even in our struggling economy, the demand for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures is still on a steady rise. To meet the ever-growing demand, primary care physicians are beginning the process of adding several of these cosmetic procedures to their practices’ catalog of services. Our Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training provides you with both basic and advanced procedures in Botox/Dermal Fillers, chemical peels, laser and IPL treatments, and skin restoration/rejuvenation. Adding these popular procedures to your practice by taking and excelling in an aesthetic training course is a win/win decision for you and your patients.

At our Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training workshop, you will learn the finer points of Botox/Dermal Filler procedures, which are becoming some of the more popular aesthetic medicine procedures in the country. Become proficient in all manner of aesthetic procedures, including lip enhancement, adding cheek volume, and non-invasive/non-surgical face lifts. Through our aesthetic course, you will also be educated and trained in the effectiveness and usages of chemical peels, with or without microdermabrasion. These procedures are worthwhile in the treatment of aging signs and photo-damaged skin, and are quick (usually taking only about 15 minutes) and lucrative. You will also receive information and lectures on laser/IPL treatments (for skin rejuvenation), since most physicians and healthcare professionals are likely to incorporate those into their practices at some point in the future.

Hands-on Advanced Medical Aesthetics Training

A full faculty of board-certified specialists and plastic surgeons oversees our hands-on courses and demonstrations in these advanced aesthetic techniques. The medical aesthetics course is designed specifically for physicians, PA’s, nurses, and dentists looking to become proficient in these extremely lucrative procedures. By taking these aesthetic medicine courses, physicians can add procedures to their list of services that aren’t impacted by the changing world of medical insurance.

The Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training workshop also comes with a complete business lecture component, which will teach you about the pricing and marketing of the services you will learn about. And just like our other workshops, at our aesthetic course we will provide you with necessary and useful materials such as our Resource & Vendor Guide, before & after photos for use in your office, and a plethora of consent forms.

Pearls on Injecting the Lips by Dr Rebecca Gelber

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