“Become The Pro” Series- Advanced Botox and Fillers


Intended Audience: This series is intended for the highly motivated professional who wants to maximize their exposure to aesthetics and learn as much as possible with Botox and Dermal Filler injectable techniques.

During the day course you will learn every common procedure in Botox and Dermal Fillers and have ample time in the afternoon to practice these techniques on live patients and further master your skill set.

Evening Training: The evening session is an advanced course where you will learn even more procedures and techniques in Botox Cosmetic and Dermal Fillers. Such techniques include performing cheek augmentation correctly, learning the Fern Technique, learning from the “PROS” how to generate a sizable income regardless of whether you want to open a free standing medical spa or just add a few new techniques each week into your current practice (see complete list of topics below). The objective by completing this program is for you to become a PRO as well.

Advanced Botox Training Objectives:  Another benefit to the “Become the Pro”, advanced Botox and Fillers is that the course is designed so that you can maximize your learning experience in the shortest period of time. This is accomplished, in part, by limiting the participants to only 10, creating a very intensive experience for you. This is a dinner, round table type meeting so you have no choice to listen and learn. This advanced series is our Most popular course and typically sells out, we apologize if registration is full. Please check with a representative for upcoming dates and availability as we offer this program frequently.

Dinner and Round Table Program– The course begins immediately following the daytime course at 5:30pm, where you will first be given a complimentary dinner followed by a round table discussion with the instructor. This is your opportunity not only to ask questions and listen to others but to really learn many new techniques that will become part of your new skill set.

Topics and Procedures – Advanced Botox and Fillers- Become The Pro

Probably the biggest obstacle for practitioners who are adding Aesthetics to their practice is not being able to offer a complete range of procedures and treatment options for their patients.

  1. Business of Aesthetics– Really learn from those who have created successful medical spas. Learn how to create your million dollar aesthetic practice for less than $6,000. This is an added topic to our advanced series but has become so popular from our video series that we have added this as well.
  2. Cheek Augmentation- Advanced but not difficult. You must be prepared to offer this as cheek augmentation is the number #2 most commonly requested procedure in fillers after naso labial folds.
  3. Submalar injections– Part of performing the cheek augmentation
  4. Liquid Face Lift– Learn using a “cook book” style protocol how to perform the technique.
  5. Botox for Neck and Decolletage area– this is an advanced technique which you will learn that delivers outstanding results on patients who show signs of aging in this part of their body.
  6. Hyperdidrosis- This high demand procedure is not only very effective for eliminating excessive perspiration in the axilla region but patients will happily pay you upwards of $1,500 to perform the 5 minute technique.
  7. Advanced Techniques
    1. Fern Technique– advanced technique for performing smile lines and folds that occur just lateral to the corner of the mouth. When performed incorrectly, treating these smile lines will cause a secondary fold that has an unwanted cosmetic effect. Learn this correctly and your patients will be happy!
    2. Eleven Lines– Learn to treat stubborn eleven lines with the cannula technique. These are the lines that are poorly responsive to Botox alone and you do not want to add Fillers which can create a dangerous side effect.
    3. Linear Threading– Technique to minimize the amount of injections per area.
    4. Migraine Headaches– great to learn if you are a primary care provider. You do not need to be a neurologist to learn these highly effective techniques for treating migraines. Your patients will very happy you did. We know that Botox treatments have proven success for patients suffering from Migraine and other forms of headaches.
    5. Bruxism– Another great technique to learn if you are a primary care provider. Botox treatments have documented benefits for patients suffering from Bruxism as well. There are over 200 uses for Botox, we cant teach them all in one night but this as complete as one may expect in a full day course.

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