Acne Therapies for an Aesthetic Practice


According to recent polls, a growing percentage of Americans ages 15 to 44 suffer from severe acne, with over 34% in men and 27% in women. Contrary to what we are led to believe, acne is not just a concern for adolescents, and the market reflects that. With the acne market over eight times greater than the entirety of cosmetic laser treatments, and dermatologists in ever-increasing demand, it is imperative for primary care physicians to act now and sign up for this program on Acne Therapies for an Aesthetic Practice.

This comprehensive one-day Acne Therapies for an Aesthetic Practice program will provide you with the skill sets for treating patients with acne; from conventional treatments to more advanced and cutting-edge methods. Microdermabrasion, lasers, chemicals peels, thermal and non-thermal light sources, cosmecuticals, and dermal delivery systems are just a few of the revolutionary procedures you will learn for treating a variety of skin conditions. Learn how external factors (diet, insulin levels, etc) can affect also acne, and be made aware of the latest information on prescribed and OTC treatments. In addition, participants will learn selection criteria: how to assess a patient’s acne and determining the best course of action and treatment options.

As part of the workshop on Acne Therapies for an Aesthetic Practice, you will also receive a wealth of information on Accutane; its usages, prescribed dosing, side effects, and spotlight in the media. You will also be made aware of when Accutane is a suitable choice (i.e. severe nodular acne) and when a different method of treatment should be prescribed.

We designed this program with the aim of getting primary care physicians the continuing education on acne treatment, latest technologies, and alternatives to prescribing Accutane. If you have a medical practice, or an aesthetic practice, the choice to provide your patients with acne services is beneficial to both you and your patients. Upon completion of the course, you will provide services and treatment options as any dermatologist. We will also provide you with the opportunity to create sub-specialties within your practice, creating cash-basis services that we will teach you to promote easily and effectively, increasing the overall revenue of your practice.

Our goal is for you to be successful.

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the procedures themselves, we also provide lessons in procedure pricing and marketing strategies to ensure financial success. These tools have been field tested and implemented in our own practices. Again, the goal is for you to leave the workshop confident in the procedure itself, but also confident that this will be a lucrative opportunity for your practice.

Our business training can also be found online, via special Training Webinars, which can be completed prior to or subsequently to the workshop. Be sure to check the schedule on our website for upcoming dates.

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